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The weight of things in FTD

IIRC, the Titanic sank because nearly a third of her watertight compartments were breached, and having not planned for such a contingency they were not sealed all the way to the deck above. Therefore, the loss of freeboard and the heavy trim by the bow led to the water flowing over the transversal bulkheads between the compartments, flooding the entire length over time. (Although before that design decision is singled out, it is possible that in such a condition she would have flooded fatally otherwise through windows in passenger cabins and the like, although it would probably at least have sunk much more slowly had the compartments been fully isolated.)
Allr andask.

I personally like that alloy floats, realism be damned. That said, I agree that it is currently *way* too hard to get a sub to sink, but still be able to surface. Even if I succeed in both of those things, it still can just barely do either of them, there's no rapid surfacing or diving.

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