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INN. Varsenda(CA-1)

Hi, I'm new to these forums, my first post here.
And I'm here to present my latest ship which also happens to be the first ship of mines to use advanced cannons. it's also my first attempt at painting ships. Yes it is indeed proof against it's own guns.
It is an entirely conventional warship. I based it's design on the Baltimore and Mogami class heavy cruisers. i kept it within World war II era technology. Before you guys say guided torpedoes is NOT WW2, Germany had early forms of guided torpedoes late in the war, so there.
The Imperial Neterian Navy's first cruiser, the Varsenda.
The name for the navy is just something I came up with and has no real correlation with anything.

-Class overview-
Name: Varsenda class
Operators: Imperial Neterian Navy
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Ikaros
Cost: 1.8 Million RP
In commission: 2015-2016 August 21st
Re-commissioned: Nov 11th 2016-???
Planned: 1
Completed: 1
Active: 1
Retired: 0

-General Characteristics-
Type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 142 meters(overall), 139 meters (waterline)
Beam: 20 meters
Height: 27 meters(mast)
Draft: 6 meters
Freeboard: 2 meters
Propulsion: 2 main fuel engine, 4 Auxiliary fuel engine with 11 screws
Speed: 25.7 knots
Complement: 1 player with vehicle controller and fire control computer or AI with target Prioritization, Naval AI Algorithm, and Patrol card
Sensors and processing equipment:
_2x Surface&Air search radar
_Navigational radar
_2x Smoke dispensers
_2x Flares heat-seeking countermeasures
_4x3 8" L/50 Cal ASG-1 Mod 1
_8x2 5" L/55 Cal DP-1 Mod 1
_7x 40mm L/125 Cal AA-1 Mod 1 Gatling-style guns
_4x3 6-block sonar-guided explosive torpedo

Belt: 1m alloy decapping plate, and 3m metal armored belt(Decreases to 1m below the waterline sloped at 45 degrees backed by wood)
Deck: 1m wood bomb deck, and 1m metal armored deck
Upper deck: 1m of Wood or Alloy
Main turrets: 1m of metal
Secondary turrets: 1m of alloy
AA guns: 1m alloy gun shield
Magazine: 2m of metal
Barbette: 1m of metal(Superfiring guns have 1m alloy decapping plate)
Conning tower: 1m of metal, and 1m of wooden splinter protection around bridge spaces
Bulkheads: 1m of wood

-The bow and stern is protected mainly by 1 meter of alloy backed by 1 meter of wood.
-The bottom hull around the bow and stern is metal while amidship is wood.
-The area around the armored box is of double hull construction.
-18 water-tight compartment above waterline, 20 including conning towers.
-23 water-tight compartments below the waterline excluding subdivisions between the 2 hulls.

-Design History-
I originally wanted the ship to have five triple turrets, eight twin dual purpose guns and "a lot of 40mm" alongside four quintuple torpedo launchers, depth charge racks and depth charge throwers.
I first made the main guns, the secondary and finally the 40mm. Tested them to check their performance. All of them were satisfactory. To be proof against it's own guns for a balanced armor design, it need 3 meter armor. And so the ship was design as such.
At that time I was still contemplating on if I should make the torpedoes guided. Ultimately, I decided to use an already existing torpedo i had for my campaign ships.
Next I decided that the fifth main gun turret would need to be removed if I were to want a smallest possible ship while maintaining a good forward firing elevation arc for turret #2 as I had planned the layout to look similar to the Mogami.
The torpedo mounts were also reduced in size, they looked too bulky compared to the length of the launcher. So they were reduced to triple launchers due to aesthetic reasons than actual performance considerations. Though as they are hidden inside casemate-esque location similar to the Mogami-class, it is a pretty pointless change.
I also had planned 40mm at the bow and stern but I realized that I couldn't fit them there unless I want to block the main gun's close range arc of fire due to how low it was in the water.
After some other minor modifications and some paint scheme testing, this is how it came out. I have another paint scheme planned for later.

[Image: inn__varsenda_ca_1__measure__1_by_afjklol-d9m3afr.png]
[Image: inn__varsenda_ca_1__measure_1_by_afjklol-d9m3aj4.png]
[Image: inn__varsenda_ca_1__measure1_by_afjklol-d9m3amc.png]

Current camouflage is the standard peace-time paint-scheme, "measure 1"
(I'm using the same nomenclature as USN but scheme is different)
The silhouette from afar makes it look like a battleship IMO, but the dimensions is fairly close if not small for a heavy cruiser, a Baltimore class have 21m beam, 205m length and 34m height. I do have to admit the speed is a bit slow for any cruiser of that era.

Tell me what you guys think. I spent a lot of time on it, as in 3-4 days worth of time. No repair bots has been added to it yet.

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.blueprint   CA1VarsendaM1.blueprint (Size: 528.63 KB / Downloads: 62)
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