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The balloon/helium/lighter-than-air thread to end all threads

I think this is getting added very soon guys Big Grin
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Fun idea:

How about the need to build lighter than air gas pressure in helium/hydrogen tanks to generate lift?

That way we can simulate gas tanks losing pressure / require more engine power to refill as the gas leaks, but a zeppelin with gas bags intact would float unpowered indefinitely.

Lol jokes on you I'd stick one of those pumps in a thrustercraft.
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Then you have a highly flammable, gas filled thrustercraft.

Hot air baloons could be a great alternative to rotors and jets to keep your airships and aircraft in the air. We could do this with a hot air generator an an enclosed space.
Hot air generators could take power (maybe electricity) and air (so you cant be in space) and convert it into hot air which fills up an enclosed space. If the volume of hot air is enough, you have lift. Hot air wont deteriorate or unless you release it (with some ACB Command) or if the space with hot air gets punctured. If this happens, all the hot air will dissapate so armoring of hot air pockets of you craft will be needed.

Also, with the hot air generator, there could be helium or hydrogen generator. These do the same thing except need way less volume to lift something. But thier downside Is they are flamable and have a chance to explode if a HE or FLAK shell hits and explodes in the area of gas.
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Being able to create a Hybrid Thermal Dirigible would be amazing Big Grin or at the very least a helium based one.

I see that helium in not on the main development roadmap until at least november 2016. Confused
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PS: Please make all keys in FTD remappable. Remappable while in game would be even better.

Well... guess what? Not in november yet
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Arpio, they have Helium pumps. Check under Air.

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