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Terrus Development Thread (What I'm working on)

I've spent the past free time working on some more ships to fit alongside the Devastator's style and they will form the ship line for the Ionic Revolution. The exception is the Sawfish since it was acquired from an otherworldly source in the lore.

The first image I'd like to supply is that of the Raze rework. It's kinda wide for its size but it still has a decent speed and it uses that space for some extra firepower!

[Image: CIJy2id.png]

Armaments include the following:

 - 2x 400mm APHE cannons
 - 2x 328mm flak cannons
 - 8x midrange M missiles
 - 4x M torpedoes, 2 on each side.

However you may be looking for something bigger? Don't worry, it's time for the star of the show. Allow me to introduce a new ship, the Extirpator!

[Image: XfM93yc.png]

This behemoth has served to either destroy or tie with the boss craft of each faction, though the stronger factions have not had their craft remade yet. The armaments include the following:

 - 2x tri-barrel 400mm inertial HE cannons
 - 1x tri-barrel 400mm HESH cannon
 - 10x 150mm HEAT casemates (5 on each side)
 - 6x L missiles
 - 36x M missiles (12 are 6m, 24 are 5m)
 - 16x M torpedoes (8 on each side)
 - 16x S AA missiles

Its weaponry alongside its thick armor makes it a tough shell to crack. Its active defenses are relatively weak and has no radar deterrence, though its heat signature is rather low and its torpedo target simulators are potent enough to pull away some torpedo threats. Regardless of the drawbacks it has proven its worth.

Finally, here's a picture of all of the ships in a line ordering from Extirpator, Devastator, then Raze.

[Image: xvWZHzF.png]
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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