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Kharels' Block-Swapper

Will this still work? I have never used it before.
Lost are only those who give up on them selves.

I'm not actively playing FTD now (Pokemon GO just released in my area lol) but still maintaining my blueprint modification tools.

My tools should still work, but if it doesn't work, let me know the problem and attach the affected blueprint so I can fix it.

(2016-05-17, 06:49 AM)zyonix Wrote: Hope you guys don't mind if I place links to my blueprint tools here :p

  • Blueprint Modification Tool
    Shows block count and stats, as well as a number of modification options to make building more convenient.

Just had to drop a quick thank you for this! I've been playing for a while now but had no idea these existed. This totally changes the way I will be playing the game. Thank you so much for all the work you put into these tools! This is the only game I've played with a helpful community, it adds so much.

Thanks again!

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