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Kharels' Block-Swapper

As noted in the topic!


Not mine, totally Kharels, Just tired of clicking to the third page of his thread in the modding sub-forum.

Definitely something that should be stickied here.

Is this a new version or does It still not recognize 4m parts?
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I believe it is the new version, I converted using it a while ago. Stickying thread, this is important Tongue
(2015-08-17, 03:24 PM)TauNeutrino Wrote: 7/10 hijacks ALL my jokes.

Don't forget the block analyzer (to see the block count of everything) and shield colorizers! Of course, the block analyzer is out of date now I'm pretty sure.


Shield Colorizer
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Didn't even know bro, thanks abyay!

still doesn't work with 4m slopes, sadly.

Last time I updated this, the only 4m slopes were metal. I'll need to do a pass to add a bunch of new blocks to get everything shipshape, but I'm waiting to do so until the new engines are finalized in the stable branch. I don't want to add a bunch of things that may change by the time they hit stable, as it's a moderately time-consuming process to add new blocks to the database powering these tools, and it's much more time-efficient to add these things all in one pass.

That being said, I will be updating the database for these tools once the changes currently in devtest reach stable, and it doesn't sound like that will be much longer!

There's also a paint colour swapper here:

Can someone make Tools section in the community forum?

Can you make one that replaces regular clips with solid ones?
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Ah, this fella doesn't recognise mirrored mirrored diagonal cut!

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