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[TG] (Help!)Generic Fleet Names

I have organized the TG Generic Fleets into 12 different fleets.
Each fleet needs multiple random names to choose from, and I need suggestions. These Names can be applied to multiple generic fleets.

For example, the Generic fleet (Defualt) that all ships in all factions has as random names
Exploration Team
The Army
Air Wing
Mercantile Navy
Defense Force

The Categories i need names for are:
Ship Fleet (all large ships)
Ship and Air fleet (all large ships and aircraft)
Carrier Fleet (All ships that build drones, and drones)
Air Fleet (All large aircraft)
Air and Drones (All large Aircraft and all Drones)
Submarine Fleet (all the submarines)
Ship and Sub Fleet (All large Ships and all Submarines)
Attack of the Drones (All Drones)
Air Drones (all Aircraft Drones)
Water Drones (All water drones)
Robot Style Fleet (Only ships that look like the robots)
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