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Cinematic aircraft AI. 2.0: dogfights galore

A little lua script to control planes

it is not as sophisticated as Madwand's, and does a couple things differently:

- will aim the whole craft as if it were a turret, enabling cannon based aircraft to fly effectively even without mantlets

- will roll and pitch and maneuver both horizontally and vertically to reach it's firing solution

- will not fight the default AI if no enemies are around

- bugs!


- merged and simplified behaviour selection, now spends much more time on target
- configurable slow down when on the enemy six via minimumThrust
- added demonstrator in attachment


tunable edition!

- pitch up parameter for planes that don't fly centered
- integrative term with falloff to improve stability
- changed: aim all weapon by default, people was confused by that


- plane now try to go at a higher altitude before attacking
- fixed ai ignoring maneuver distance multiplier
- laser aiming support

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