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Flamethrower concept

How about a Greek fire type? Burns on top of water, and it's sticky.

(2015-12-02, 06:42 PM)Chroniclerope Wrote: How about a Greek fire type? Burns on top of water, and it's sticky.


(2015-12-02, 12:29 AM)Neonivek Wrote: Well Flamethrowers in real life have a effective range of 15 meters...

Have you seen an actual military flame thrower, it is not like holding a lighter up to a spray can, however it is also very dependent on the fuel type
[Image: B3x34ldCcAEAG-1.jpg]
also 2 more things to take into consideration, fire "bounces" and how fuel ignites in the air

(2015-12-04, 01:29 PM)Neonivek Wrote: Seriously guys don't lay into me... Especially when... well... Even the Wikipedia page says that the vehicle version of 150... is nearly useless in an actual battle because of its short range.

I wasn't even going to originally mention that even the Wiki article agrees with me that it is too short a range for combat in this respect.

We have rams and harpoon missiles and flayer ships that try to use both with spin blocks to grind your ships up.

Empty tanks would be more explosive than full tanks.
76th rule of acquisition: Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

Beyond 1km I would put in the long range category of engagement, honestly. Maybe that's just because I'm used to that 1km being vertical.

Flamethrowers should be a short range weapon capable of packing a devastating punch as a reward for getting that close in the first place. Something around the 300 to 500 meter mark sounds reasonably close.
76th rule of acquisition: Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

I agree with Tehujoe, but I like soft caps so if you have the space and the resources you can make a flamethrower that can shoot up to space... it would just be so massive it would take up your entire ship

Dang. I like it.
I use hyphens as em dashes - I'm such a rebel, aren't I?

I'd like to be able to adjust the way that the flame works per weapon. So for one weapon it could be a very stickily oily flame that burns more slowly, it would arc through the air and float on the water burning an area, of if it got on a ship it would stick and keep burning even on metal. Or on the other end of the scale you'd have an intense blue flame jet, like a large blowtorch that would be more like a beam and do a lot of initial heat damage but would not be sticky and would not have DOT of it's own (but can still set wood and fuel of fire).

(2015-11-25, 12:04 PM)earendel Wrote: I can imagine that if you add on railgun-style components you'd end up with something like a long-range plasma beam, which would be awesome!

When there's a proper fire mechanic it would be good to be able to customise a flamethrower to shift between immediate thermal damage and applying a DOT burning effect.

Yeah! Like a laser but less ap and more EXP, it shall be called the Plasma Lance XP
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(2017-12-07, 11:38 AM)-ACHTUNG- Wrote: Afterwards I concluded that those Campaign designs spend too much of their material cost in Aesthetics instead of actual combat ability...


LR and EO will make this pretty balanced, it sips fuel as ammo, so does your engines.
Fire will ignite stuff up, or melt them
It should also create Heat Level system, which is overall temperature of craft, if it reaches some level, ship will start to malfunction. Mainly engines will shut down. If it goes to level 2 fuel will start to ignite and player will start taking damage, Lever 3 will detonate ammo and melt AI blocks. Level 4 cause entire object to start melting down.

So you got big ship ? And some 3 smaller flamer armed come closer ? no significant damage ? Watch how its cooked from inside

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