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Flamethrower concept

(2015-11-12, 07:17 PM)Tallon Warhawk Wrote: Bye bye Deepwater guard

Thing is, after the resource overhaul an early player won't have the extra fuel to spam tons of flamethrowers. It'd be brilliant in terms of balance. Lots of conventional ships, or a few ships with extra fuel storage, and flamethrowers?
Nick Smart Wrote:Jesus what have I created

I like this a lot, however flamethrowers without a proper fire mechanic are kinda pointless. That aside, this seems cool. One problem i see is that there's be a very short range where these would be useful, as too far away and you couldn't hit much, too close and you'll end up crashing into your target and catching on fire yourself. Also, 45 degrees is a lot, i say start at like 20 degrees, as more then that at any sort of range will cover most of your target in fire, which is a bit much for a basic thing. I say have regulators reduce the angle of fire and have a part that increases it. As for range, i'd say start at about 100 meters, the best range i can find for tank mounted flamethrowers is 110 or 140 meters. Long range ones should hit something of a soft cap at anywhere from 400m to 700m, and if you want to get crazy about it the range shouldn't hit a hard cap until at least 1km.

Something important to think about is how much damage the fire will do, say you set a wooden ship on fire, how much damage will it take before it gets put out somehow? How many incendiary shells or missiles would you need to cause a fire big enough to doom a ship? And how would a flamethrower compare to ether of those? It would have to be quite powerful to be worth getting into close enough range to use, but not so powerful that it's worth rushing in to use them. Fast things with flamethrowers need to be made not hugely powerful, but they need to be more powerful then short range cannons or missiles at those sorts of ranges.

As for how they react with armor, i say the metal should start glowing red hot and eventually melt, alloy should ether melt the same way metal does, or just kinda turn to ash until it gets hot enough, then it should burn very powerfully. Hot metal should conduct heat into other metal and set things on fire that it's touching. The fire shouldn't be able to get through a metal or alloy hull quickly, but it should quickly remove soft targets from the deck, burning off unarmored turrets and stuff. Water should more or less totally stop the fire, though there should be a water resistance stat, with parts that make it burn deeper under the water at the cost of ammo in addition to oil/fuel. A 1 to 1 ratio of these and normal tanks would work underwater and in space. Fire sprinklers should of course be added with this, having the effect of putting out fire, and fire extinguishers as well, which would put out waterproof fire, but be more expensive and single use.

I really think flamethrowers need to be added for lore reasons as well, the White Flayers are crazy cultists with sawblade armed hydrofoils, don't tell me that wouldn't be way cooler with flamethrowers. I think the DWG and SS would also benefit from them, as would everyone from the incendiary missiles and shells and stuff.

I think Alloy should be more resistant to heat, to make it.... better defence against Fire and just making it more usefull

Just a thought. How does adding more regulators add more damage? From what I can tell, it would just further extend the range of the flamer, and that's it. I get that the superheater will apply more damage, but more pressure shouldn't correlate to more damage, it should actually reduce damage a bit because it would spread out, and burn out the farther it goes. Adding more fuel to the fire doesn't make it burn any hotter. There needs to be a tradeoff for getting extra range. It either should deal less damage, or remain the same with some other minor penalty, perhaps a thinner/wider spread (may be good, may be bad), not sure which.

Great concept though.
If it ain't broke, fix it till it breaks!

Well, fire mechanics are planned, so... yes? All of my yes? :V
Sometimes finishes things.

[Image: 2edcd2adb68191fb18b45a90ee11591e.jpg]

Im with Twei. All of my yes.

I can imagine that if you add on railgun-style components you'd end up with something like a long-range plasma beam, which would be awesome!

When there's a proper fire mechanic it would be good to be able to customise a flamethrower to shift between immediate thermal damage and applying a DOT burning effect.

(2015-11-16, 08:49 PM)mrvecz Wrote: I think Alloy should be more resistant to heat, to make it.... better defence against Fire and just making it more usefull

Alloy is already a bit of a super material, but just to add a bit of a real-world example: The British and American navies both stopped using aluminium to build the superstructures of their ships because it is much more vulnerable to fire damage. The melting point is much lower than steel.

(2015-12-02, 12:16 AM)Neonivek Wrote: I am going to add that there should be a "Fireball Launcher" possibility to this weapon

If only because as great as short range weapons is... this game is kind of modern in that most battles take place over long distances and sometimes further away then you can see... and I'd like to have some flame weapon then one make useless because of dirty dirty realism.

Engagement ranges are far from realistic Tongue

Sure, they're not exactly point-blank most of the time, but a flamethrower with meter-sized components would probably be able to achieve a respectable range.

Also, the White Flayers would love it. So much.
Sometimes finishes things.

Vehicle mounted flame-throwers can reach an absolute maximum range of 150 meters and when aiming at a big wooden boat effective range is max range because you can't miss
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