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World War 2: Dangerous Waters general discussion

This will (could^^) be the begining of a quite massive project, involving a lot of different contributors from the entire community, if there is interest in having such a campaign.

The major outline of the project:

Several maps, one for each popular naval area, like Scapa Flow, the straight of Gibraltar, pacific islands, the Northern Sea, the Mediterranian sea, etc.

Factions, that resemble the actual participants of WW2, including their most prominent ships, installations and airplanes, and maybe even ground vehicles.

Some of the more prominent vehicles will have several retrofit versions, which will get replaced accordingly to the ingame date, which advances between different areas and battlefields.

So now the question, who would like to participate and specialize in which task?

The first in need would be a project leader.
I could do it, but don't really want to^^

Here a list of who/what is available on which positions and tasks.
Nothing is set in stone yet, just to have an overview on the participation.

Project Lead:


Vehicle builders:
Elboydo, MrVecz, UnseenChaos, mech_romancer, CurlySkyDiver, Wolfen, Anister, meatpukk, Ixos, ante185, hamsterCrumbs, Ryashon

Faction coding:

Thoughtful discussive input: (my guess^^)
Wolfen, goduranus, Ryashon, me^^

Pursue happyness with diligence

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