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Adv.Cannon Basics

[Image: be6743501a.jpg]

From left to right;

Barrel, 1x1 Omni-Mantlet, Adv.Cannon firing piece, Gauge increase (And below that, the ammo router.), Gauge coolers,

At the very right is a autoloader, with a clip on top of it, and to the left of a clip is a ammo input. The loader takes shells from the clip, and chambers them, the clip holds the shells and accommodates the autoloader, and the ammo input provides shells to the clip from the ammunition manufacturing.

If your gun is on a turret, a ammo router is required both on the main hull and turret to accommodate ammo transportation.


[Image: 57e827f350.jpg]

Railguns are arranged like so. You need to put the magnet attaching fixture on the sides, bottom, or top of the Adv.Cannon firing piece. After that, place the magnets from the fixtures along the barrels. Then to fuel the railgun, place batteries with a valid connection to the firing piece (Directly or via 6way connector.) And place the chargers on top of those.


Other information;
Gauge goes from 0.06m to 0.5m shell diameter. 0.5m is the max, but you can go below 0.06m by splitting the barrel -

[Image: b42718892c.jpg]

This is the Q menu for the Adv.Cannons (Simply hit Q over the barrel)
Here you can split the barrel (Up to 6 barrels), Set overcharge for the railgun components, Set your desired barrel size (Will only apply if your setup accommodates a gauge that high.)


[Image: ae92bd3185.jpg]

Here is a basic ammunition manufacturing setup. On the left you have the ammo controller, which works like a AI mainframe for the manufacturing setup. In front of that is shell customizers, which let you choose how your cannon shells is arranged. (Note : The gauge bar you see in the ammo customizer doesnt actually do anything, it just for reference to see how a certain shell of a certain size and length would do. The things that determine the size your shell are the gauge of your cannon and the number of shell customizers you have. Each customizer gives you shell length equal to double the shells diameter.)

Shell parts give you the parts necessary to make the shells and will feed off the crafts general ammo supply. The ammo outputs will feed into the ammo inputs. You have to sync them together by pressing Q on the ammo inputs (The ones on the gun itself) in order for them to work.

If this tutorial doesn't answer your question, then go search the tutorial forum for more in depth tutorials or go visit the questions sub-forum.

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