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Terrus Vehicle/Structure Submissions Thread

This thread has now been reopened! All major designs have finally been refit and functional.

As many people now know Terrus has been an ongoing project for over 3 years now. It's been a hassle for me to keep everything updated and I now turn to the community for a desire to help! If you wish to contribute to the growing world of Terrus, be happy to know I'm relatively open about accepting submissions. Of course, don't let that go over your head; if a design just isn't optimal or doesn't properly work for the campaign in general, it won't be accepted. I'll try my best to modify submissions if they feel a little off but I can't guarantee anything.

All designs are given credit to the owner of them in the lore of the craft.

General Guidelines

When it comes to general guidelines for all designs, there are a few simple things:

Have a chair, preferably within a closed area - This is to make taking screenshots much easier, and should the craft get captured, it allows the player to at least sit in it. This isn't fully necessary, but desired.

A vehicle controller is appreciated - Hopefully one can fit in front of the chair, which can make actual operation a possibility.

Do not use fleet paint - The usage of fleet paint has been mentioned a few times, but the reason for no fleet paint is still the same; I don't want to have to keep switching between fleet paint color sets if I need to modify a design. Just use regular paint, and should the faction colors change for any reason, I'll deal with it.

Detailed internal cosmetics are not required - No need to put 12 complex controllers for cosmetic reasons into a cockpit. It's fine to make a craft walkable, but not required.

No spin block abuse/exploiting tactics - I'd rather not see exploits of spin blocks on submitted craft. This can include jet stacking, spin block armor, spin block phasing (using multiple spin blocks to allow repeated placement of parts in a concentrated area), or augmenting large parts on a craft, just to nullify drag and nothing more. I will exclude wings from this if it's for cosmetic reasons, such as tilting the wing to a desired rotation. The same thing applies for other exploits that I may not really know about. In specific setups there can be floating armor plates but these are mainly for the Arcanix tribe of Valiant Hydras. Capabilities of healing subvehicles is okay (look at Valiant Hydras Arcana tribe), but only in specific cases, and in moderation. The craft has to be designated some type of carrier and itself should be generally weaker in this circumstance.

No Lua unless I allow it for a special reason. - This one is the most controversial topics for now, but my reasoning is simple; I don't understand Lua yet, and while Lua in general has been polished to work in nearly all cases without crashing, I'm not fully convinced of it being fully stable yet.

Try to keep volume below 25k on non-prestige craft - While this is a soft cap I'm trying to keep a large section of Terrus's craft on the small/medium end. Prestige, rare, and "mini-boss" craft are exceptions to this. Fortresses should be no more than 40k volume if all possible.

Craft should be able to sustain fuel for at least 10 minutes! - Since battles can be fairly lengthy due to player strategy it's wise for Terrus craft to be able to at least sustain a fight for 10 minutes. The more longevity, however, the better!

Faction Guidelines

Due to the sheer amount of content that goes into detailing each faction, it is preferred to consult with the first post of the Terrus Asunder thread and seek the faction you want to build for.

Design Requests

Each faction has their own assortment of requests. I expect this to change as more designs come forth.

*Priorities list, July 29th, 2019.*


Priority Level: Critical

- HQs: The following factions still need dedicated HQs: Tsunami Genesis, Ionic Revolution, Dark Angels, Midnight Exodus. Please consult me for information regarding the HQs.

Fortresses/Resource Outposts: The following factions still need standard fortresses or resource outposts: Ionic Revolution, Dark Angels, Vexatious Blue, Midnight Exodus. Please consult me about information regarding the fortresses.

Vehement Seekers

Priority Level: None
- Vehement Seekers are currently closed to new submissions since all slots have currently been filled, subject to reopen once all other areas are covered.

Tsunami Genesis

Priority Level: Low

- Shark submarine, 2.5k-6k volume, could go with a gimmick and give it harpoon torps and a crushing maw to have it chew through ships.
- Sharknado craft of some sort, probably based off the shark submarine.

Ionic Revolution

Priority Level: Moderate

- Larger submarines, 8k-15k volume
- Assault hovercrafts that will be remakes of the Raze and Devastator.

Dark Angels

Priority Level: Moderate
- Large helicopters, 8k-15k volume.
- Small aerial carrier that can dock a Restitution, support the battlefield from afar with long-range weapons. 5k-8k volume

Valiant Hydras

Priority Level: Moderate

- Each tribe should have a variance of fleet point designs since with upcoming fleet designation, I can assign fleets composed of a tribe to attack as opposed to a mixture of them. I'll list the priorities for each just below.

Voltronic: (Low priority)

- Flying PAC craft similar to the Ignitor but can be smaller and use only one PAC. Can utilize either EMP (short range overcharged) or Piercing (standard).

Infernus: (High priority)

- Basically everything within their scope of designs, whether it's drones, carrier ships to produce drones, or a capital warship.

Arcana: (High priority)

- Arcana designs will now be allowed submarines that utilize the same gimmick of their floating weapons or several weapon turrets. The faction is open to designs of all sizes and types (thrustercraft, ships, submarines)

Vexatious Blue

Priority Level: Medium

- Large helicopters/thrustercraft between 15-25k volume
- Weaponized resource zones

Midnight Exodus

Priority Level: High

- Laser fighters of moderate size or higher (2500+ volume)
- Mixed fighters of moderate size or higher
- Naval carrier, relatively large in size (10000-25000 volume preferred)
- Airship carrier, something of 8000-12000 volume preferred
- Resource zone, something with an airstrip of sorts
- Small bomber, sub-500 blocks or ~800 volume

Techtron Armada

Priority Level: High
- All designs are currently open. Check the first post of the main thread or this thread for details on this faction!
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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