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[TG] Design Guidelines

Since SS doesn't need anything else right now, I was thinking of trying to 'modernize' some of the older TG designs. I'm still not sure if I'm up to it, so I'd like to start with something relatively simple, like the Thunder & Lightning.

If you would prefer that I not involve myself here, please let me know, as I do not want to intrude.

That being said, if you are alright with my intervention, there are a few guidelines that I would like to clarify regarding TG vehicle standards:

- What should the relative difficulty level be? For SS, it was essentially "the best navy in the campaign setting", so ships that are as powerful as possible within the block and technology limits. For the TG, how powerful should the vehicles be, and what would be considered 'too strong'?

- What are the limits for defenses? The faction detail thread mentions 'shields, LAMS, armor' as the available defenses for TG. What is the maximum shield strength? Should the shields be made invisible like SS shields, or colored like WF shields? How many layers of shields are allowed? Are there any limits on the size or effectiveness of LAMS? How much armor is appropriate for critical internal structures (I know that extensive hull armor is not allowed)? Is it still the case that TG is not allowed to have defenses against lasers? I assume that flares and missile interceptors are also not allowed, is that correct?

- What are the weapon restrictions? Are there any limits to cannons (gauge, rate of fire, HE, AP, HEAP)? Is there a maximum block length for missiles and torpedoes? How powerful can offensive lasers be? Is there a limit to the number of Q-Switches that can be used, or a maximum AP value?

- What are the necessary aesthetic aspects for TG? I notice that numerous designs have 'spider web' shaped bracing, is that a standard, or is any form of metal bracing acceptable? Most hulls appear to be rather flat-bottomed, and sit high in the water, is that a design standard or just a result of lightweight alloy hulls? Is a pilot seat a requirement? (I ask because it seems odd for AI-designed drone ships to have doors and chairs)

If there are any other required design elements, let me know.

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