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[SS] Mission - Xeno Corps

A missioned inspired by X-Com, where you are tasked with shooting down a Scarlet Dawn capital ship, and capturing it.

Xeno Corps

For several months, the alien invaders roamed our skies, abducting our citizens, mutilating our livestock, and vandalizing our crops. With their superior technology, each of our attempt at confronting them directly have thus resulted in our defeat.
While the majority of our forces along the front lines have gone into passive mode to avoid unnecessary losses, while we tried to find a way to capture their technology in order to even the playing field.
Well, commander, today is our lucky day. A recent redeployment of the alien force has left only a singe alien capital ship in the Northern Plains. We believe attacking a routine alien patrols would draw the capital ship from its defensive positions, where we would overwhelm it with superior forces.

Commander, engage the alien patrol, shoot down their capital ship and capture it. For the future of Neter, Scramble Your Interceptors!

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