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Mission 4: The Meat Grinder

This is the remake of the original mission.
In the Original the Dark hammer and some Stingers ambush the Player.
If memory serves me, the Dark Hammer used to be a partial submarine, so I went ahead and made adjustments so it stays mostly submerged, but pops out of the water when close to the enemy.
Also added a Sawshark Submarine to the initial Ambush.

Theres also a wave 2 and 3, but you'll have to play it to see.

The Meat Grinder
Ace, you have proven yourself a capable pilot and leader, but now it’s time to see how you will do on the water. We are assigning you to a small patrol fleet. You’re to command the "Thunderchild", which is a relatively old design, but still able to hold its own. Take your fleet to the White Flayer borders and try to see if you can track any fleet movements there and report back.

Blip on the Sonar

There’s something showing on our sonar, several small objects and something larger. Judging by their size, we believe it’s a mother whale and her children. Keep an eye out, "just in case."

Lose Message:
Our captain was an amazing pilot; his skill was un-paralleled, an ace in the skies. Sadly, as a captain, Ace was an utter failure. Getting starboard and port mixed up like that and steering right into the White Flayer grinder subs was the biggest and last mistake of his career.

Win Message:

You have proven yourself an able captain, Ace. Surviving that ambush will go down in the record books as one of the most brilliant maneuvers in maritime warfare. The intel you gathered from the area shows that an unusually high amount of traffic has been moving in and out of the White Flayer structure known as the "Gorgan". Command will review this information and decide what need to be done.
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