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Mission 3: Punch Through

This is a rework of the old "Punch Through" mission, were the player leads a group of SS hornets against a group of WF Harpoons and a Retarius.
Ive had to switch out everything (Hornets are now supper strong, and the Harpoon is not supported)

Now, the Player leads an Aurora and 2 Falcons against a mixtures of Stingers (1 and 3) and Wreckers (2 fleets) then destroys some buildings.

The story-line has also been changed to bring the SS story-line 1 step closer to its conclusion (this mission kills the LH alliance before they have a chance to declare independence)

Feel free to offer suggestions to improve the writing

Punch Through
Well Ace, it looks like your flight skills are needed again. There is a meeting being held by the White Flayers and representatives from some of the traitorous corporations. They will all be together in one place in approximately three hours in a secret location that we have recently learned of. There are skilled White Flayer pilots patrolling that area, and I’m sure for this meeting they will be on high alert. We can’t get our bombers in safely with those White Flayers patrols in the sky, so take our best fighter jets and clear the skies for the bombers before they arrive.
Get your gear, and move out.

Attack! (same as original mission)
Lead your wingmen against the White Flayer anti aircraft force. You'll be facing extremely heavy resistance but I'm sure you can find a way to punch through.

Destroy their buildings, make sure no traitor escapes!

Lose Message:
Unable to stop the meeting from happening, the White Flayers and the representatives from the traitorous corporations have formalized an Alliance. The corporations and their strong scientific minds have now declared independence from the Empire. This will mark the day that these "Lightning Hoods" were born.

Win Message:
With all the buildings destroyed, reports say that all targets have been eliminated. Digging through the rubble we have discovered documents that show that the White Flayers and many of the Empires Scientific Corporations were attempting to formalize an alliance. It appears the Corporate leaders were referring to themselves as the "Lightning Hoods" and had intended on declaring independence during these meetings. Now, with the head of these "Lightning Hoods" removed, this little rebellion has no hope of succeeding.
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