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The AI/code library

Should there be a section for helper function libraries?

In the future yes, I haven't gotten around to adding it yet.

You can put this one into your library, if it does enough. (only displays seabed depth below keel)
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I have to back on that post because if I were to follow it, this list would be rather empty.

There is no Melee Lua ?!

I think this one should be included.
Unified missile script to use with missiles. Gives options for all your missile needs. launch, cruise, approach, special maneuver. comes with predictive guidance (if you want it) and pams evasion (if you want it)
as well as it's derivate the multi profile missile script. does the same as above but allows different configs for different weapon slots.

This is a super necro. But seeing as this is an important pinned thread I figure people won't mind. Does anyone have a Kinetic CIWS LUA code? Because the CIWS continues to fire at missiles that have passed over already and lets missiles that are actively threatening the ship hit the ship.
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