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How to upload a Blueprint

1; Make a new reply/new thread.
2; Scroll down from the text box, on the bottom left you should see "New Attachment" with "Choose file" to the right of it. Click "Choose file"
3; Blueprints can be found under Documents/Player Profiles/From The Depths/(Your Name)/ Constructables

[Image: XVa0ihQ.jpg]

On MAC, it is (File that contains documents folder)/From The Depths/Player Profiles/(Your Name)/Constructables

Or something very similar, it took a few days for me to find the folder originally.
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is there a way to set a default location for downloaded .blueprint files to go to? I dislike having to go into downloads copy them, and then go find my constructable folder and paste :/
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Use chrome and you can have it set to open the save dialogue box each time, so you can navigate to where you want to save the blueprint.
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:\ Says my file is too big 40,000 part ship...

Yeah, the 8000kb file size limit is... Annoying.
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Zip files! Compression! Roughly 1/10 the size, c;
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I have multiple people telling me every BP I upload to the forum turn into a text file on their side. I don't know what's going on. I am uploading the BP files from my constructible folder like indicated.

Some people's do that for some reason. If it does, just right-click-save on the link and it'll work fine.
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