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Lua performance analysis

You've done the Kernigan's work there Blothorn!

ADDIT: ah dang! Somebody on Discord linked me to this thread and I didn't notice it was THREE YEARS Old! Wink

So what is the status on this stuff? Were the erratic latencies and high latencies a result of the way the game app was handling/mishandling the Lua scripts, and which was fixed or what?

Is it true that the main way Lua script in a box in game impacts performance is only when the lua is "creating" data structures? That was the opinion that emerged in the discord discussion which brought me here.
Epic Confrontation: Robot vs. Puppy

For FtD API calls the functions creating data structures such as I:GetMssileInfo indeed take much more time, for Unity functions it varies a lot, but in general things involving angles will be slow.

Most things take about as much time relatively as you'd expect them to. There are only a few things that make a much bigger difference than I expected. Most notably the difference between accessing components of a Vector3 instance with v[1] instead of v.x is orders of magnitude faster when I tried it.

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