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[GT] To do list and update needs

Time for me to move into GT. This is the faction Im least familiar with, so ill need plenty of input from GT KoTL please. Edit this post if you have suggestions!

Im going to list the things I think need done, and will add to this list as I see more. After I feel this list is accurate (2-3 days) then ill come in and start working.

To Do list: In order of priority
1. Finalize Tribal styles and names. I cant evaluate or do anything if i dont know what we want.

2. Work through all Evaluations and get them integrated. Update new submissions with the required update info from list below.

3. Update all previously in game units with new update info from below

4. Analyze difficulties and assign. Make sure there is proper distribution of Difficulties and FPs

5. Separate Designs into Generic fleets according to their tribes.

6. Create new Special fleets

Update requirements:
General faction refit:
1. Mainframe must have Patrol card and Target prioritization card.
2. All designs should have a Steering wheel, Fire control computer, and chair if there is room. Also include a door to escape from if possible.
3. Add a Heartsone if you can.
4. No design should have many repair bots. Lets say 5 for every 1000 blocks.
5. Remove failsafes on weapon controllers if they are not needed.
6. Make sure everything is as Beamed as possible, use the new 1x4 slope blocks to replace single slope blocks anywhere you can.
7. A general reduction in block count and lag causing things
8. Remove any exploity things

GT Faction Refit:
1. Any design that has a cannon that fires Kinetic shots should be upgraded or removed. Its extra lag for no benefit.

2. Shielding is coming to GT
Easy designs: Minor frontal shielding
Regular Designs: Large frontal shielding
Expert Designs: Full shielding (1 layer)
Godly Designs: Full shielding with 2nd layer of frontal shielding

3. Add more defenses like Interceptor missiles, flares, smoke and surge protectors. FYI, i hate so many surge protectors on a design it makes EMP useless, so dont over do it.

4. Make sure all units have a tight enough turning radius that the 2 blockade rings on a map always stay touching in a fight

5 Optimize the designs, this doesnt mean upgrade, just make sure its working the best way it can. (IE, Variable thrusters instead of 2 Short range thrusters)

6. Torpedoes should all have Ballast tanks. If GT doesnt use Torpedoes, then that needs to change.

6.5 Bombs should be replaced with torpedoes if possible

7. Fleet paint Everything. Also, im changing GT secondary back to Pink.

8. Remove all Detectors and Trackers (laser)
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