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First AlphaMasters League Tournament

Submissions are now Closed.
Bracket ;
From the Depths Youtube channel ;


Announcing the first official From the Depths tournament in over a year!

We'll be looking to make this a regular thing, especially if there is a exceptional amount of interest! I will be hosting the tournament, Scr0atorious ( ) will be casting and uploading the final 16. So long as they follow the rules, anyone can enter and i will not be having any limit for how many submissions i will accept.

Once the submission period is over, Everyone will be placed in a group, and each vehicle in every group will fight every other vehicle in the group once. Each win will give you one point, and the vehicles with the largest amount of points will progress. How many groups there will be, and how large they will be, will depend on the number of entrants. While these qualifiers will not be casted (Due to time constraints), i will be making a bracket for them so everyone can see how their vehicle did, who they won against, who they lost to, etc. Only the top 16 will be casted and they will be single elimination best 2 of 3.


- No Jet stacking.
- No Space Sails
- No Lua Transceivers (No Lua Missiles)
- 3 million RP limit
- Because this will be done in a modified "AI Fight" This means the RP limit also applies to all the resources your vehicle(s) consume, fuel for the engine, metal for ammo processors, fuel for custom jet engines, resources for repairs, etc. Keep this in mind when designing things.
- No parts other then Lua Transceivers are banned. All other parts are allowed. Repair tentacles and spawners are allowed because you are actively restricted by RP for repairs and building.
- 30 minutes per fight soft limit (Me and Scroat will try to call the battle after this point in time, if it isn't already over. However if there is no clear winner at that time, we will be lax with this.)
- Don't bother with troll submissions. You can build any type of vehicle you desire however it must of course have weaponry and be able to fight. Yes you can make a fortress if you want. No structures however, as this will be a all water map. If you were to use a structure you would instantly end up at the bottom of the sea.
-Space craft cannot fly higher then 1250 meters high undamaged. If your space craft gets stuck over 1300 for more then a few minutes (Or it looks like it has no hope of coming back down), it will be considered to have lost even if it defeats its opponent during that time frame.
- You can choose to be spawned anywhere between sea level and 300m. (No spawning sub-vehicles above 300m either)
- No cheat missiles. (Putting thumper heads behind a infra-red, for example.)
- General ban on blatant exploits. If you are unsure whether or not you are breaking the line on this, ask me about it when you submit your creation via email.
- Not a rule, but important to note : The map is pure water, but it is different under the water. The sea floor is about the same height everywhere - but it is very hilly/bumpy. Check it out for yourself if it applies to your design.

Other information

Due to the way the tournament works, You will need to download the modified AI fight (From here : ) Put your vehicle in, then allocate resources and give me the exact numbers of those resources so i can set those when i spawn in your craft. It would also be useful if you could tell me the orientation you want your craft to be spawn in, and give me a screen shot with your email of how it is placed in the spawning area. As well as the spawning height. Otherwise it well be spawned as close to the enemy as possible, at sea level, facing the enemy.

Craft will be considered dead when they can no longer fire any weapons, and appear unable to repair or otherwise remedy this, regardless of other circumstances. Further, even if a craft can nominally fire its weapons, if it can no longer damage the enemy and cannot remedy the situation in a few minutes (And does not appear to be making any progress towards doing so), it will also be considered dead. Space craft will be considered dead if they drift above 1200 meters for any extended period of time, and Submarines will be considered dead if they hit the bottom of the sea and are unable to move.

A draw can, and will be called in only one situation. If the two craft seem to be unable to damage each other in any meaningful fashion. This is a extreme situation, and if it occurs in the qualifiers i will simply count it as a loss for both sides. If it happens in the top 16, we will decide what to do at that point. However i am very confident this will not happen in the top 16.

Submitting Vehicles

Send all designs to With the following information;

-General starting position within the starting area. (Screen shots help a lot if it isn't something simple like “Very back, Centre”)
-Starting orientation compared to enemy.
-Your name
-The vehicles desired name
- General summary of all the vehicles weaponry. Give a colorful description and names for your weapon systems if you desire.
- Your vehicle type; Surface craft, Aircraft, Spacecraft, Submarine. If it is multiple, list all the relevant categories.

-The amount of resources you want to be set after the cost of your vehicles. Get these numbers by going into the modified AI Fight map (Link here ) and inserting your vehicle inside the strategy menu. Then go into resources and allocate the remaining resources while at a 3 million rp limit. Then send the numbers you have chosen for the resources to me along with your blueprint. If they are very slightly off somehow, that's fine and i'l adjust them to fit.

If you do not desire to do this for some reason, give a prioritization of resources (Mostly metal/some wood, for example) This is heavily discouraged however and i would never recommend this.

You may start sending your submissions on the 19th, and i will stop taking submissions on the 30th
This deadline may be extended, but will never be shortened.

First place will be awarded 200$ in steam prizes of their choosing, or cash via digital transfer. (Paypal)

Thanks and credit to Miss Ion for creating the modified AI Fight map that we will be using!

AI Fight Map Instructions

1 – Go to the link provided above.
2 – Subscribe to the item in the steam workshop.
3 – Go to the planet workshop (Bottom right in the main menu of From the Depths) and go to “Install subscriptions”. Install the map.
4 – Go to change planet, Change your planet to the map you just downloaded.
5 – Go to multiplayer, host a lobby, select "Tournament Mode"
6 – Go to transfers at the top, transfer your vehicle, Go to Strategy, Insert your vehicle.
7 – Go to resources and set your resources.

If you want to do a fight between two vehicles all on your own, on the right there is a option that will say "AutoMatic team selection" by default. Click it and change it to "Host selects teams", You will then have a bar below your name on left side which lets you set your team if you click on it.

I'll definitely try to participate in this one!
I'm not sure how well it will go considering I've never actually been in a tournament before, but I'm going to try something unorthodox.
[Referring to drumstick engines] "majyst:The Rapier? WTF, cant Teamspeak people just build a dam ship without trying to cheat the system"
I've made some forum themes.

Can we at least unban lua interceptors?
Allr andask.

(2015-09-14, 05:57 AM)Blothorn Wrote: Can we at least unban lua interceptors?

They currently have no volume ignoring counter like other missiles do (Flares, Smoke). And they make thumpers go from difficult to deploy to extremely easy to deploy, These are the primary reasons i have banned them as i consider these two things a problem.

I think the question was regarding lua missile interceptors ( anti missiles ). I am speculating since interceptors have very inefficient targeting priorities and often all go for the same target missile.

shoot only ship i have is 5m+ rp :-( and my plane doesnt fly just right yet. so guess im out this comp to :-(

Ixos is correct--INTERCEPTORS. Although I still think that the massive thumper nerf takes away the biggest problems with lua missiles, given how unreliable flares have proven in the tournament matches I have observed.
Allr andask.

(2015-09-14, 02:41 PM)Blothorn Wrote: Ixos is correct--INTERCEPTORS. Although I still think that the massive thumper nerf takes away the biggest problems with lua missiles, given how unreliable flares have proven in the tournament matches I have observed.

Ah, i was a bit tired when i read that. When i saw interceptor it didn't click.
Im still probably going to have to go with no, because of the fact that there is the possibility that i may get a mountain of submissions - And the easy way right now is for me to use the block analyzer to check for Lua transceivers.

Flares may be unreliable at times, but there are also heat decoy's for non-camera IR's, and they provide a definite effect. I know the problems regarding interceptor targeting at times, but i'd have to be convinced.

Can I enter with a fleet? I rarely build a single ship over 1 million RP.

(2015-09-14, 05:11 PM)goduranus Wrote: Can I enter with a fleet? I rarely build a single ship over 1 million RP.

Yes, You may, so long as it is all in one blueprint. You can use spawn sticks if you desire.

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