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[SS-Mission] Damned Secessationists!

An easy mission that explores the break up of the Steel Empire. Presenting the SS as an overconfident empire, where its conscription policy in the face of the SD threat caused a groundswell of anti-government activity. SS then attempted to enact a policy of terror against the people of Neter, thus alienating them even further.

In this mission you are a wingman in a squadron of bombers, tasked to destroy the lightly defended Onyx town of Hoffnung and some lightly armed naval vessels, in response to Onxy tribes reviving their ancient banner in a secessionist movement.(Hoffnung is a city from Ace Combat, maybe change it?)

Steel Striders Mission 5

Mission Description:
In the two weeks since the groundswell of protests against our new conscription law, the coastal town of Hoffnung has become a hotspot of secessionist activity.
In response to the torching and looting of government property, additional police were dispatched to restore order, but they were forced to turn back by well armed local populace.
Just yesterday, we have reports of armed merchant vessels entering Hoffnung Harbour, flying the long outlawed flag of the Onyx tribe.
In the time of solidarity against extraneterial aliens with potentially hostile intentions, the people of Hoffnung have committed an unacceptable act of treason against the Steel Empire.

As of 0600 Hours, the 62nd bomber squadron will sortie for Hoffnung, your orders are to destroy everything that moves.

Hoffnung Destroyed
With the destruction of Hoffnung, the people of Neter are once again reminded of the Iron Resolve of the Steel Empire. They will surely comply with our demands for a united front against the alien invaders now.

Secessionist Leaders Escaped
With the destruction of the 62nd bomber squadron, we were forced to send another squadron to finish the job.
Hoffnung is still destroyed, but by then secessionist leaders were evacuated, and rally their people into a fighting force. Our dream of a Steel Empire is slipping away before our own eyes. But then again, perhaps this is for the better.

Potential changes may be to reduce the number of bombers from four to two to reduce lag.(remove bomber numbers 2 and 3)
The scrap outpost is standing in for yet to be in game OW land structures.

Updated Spirit Bomber with Chair, Heartstone, vehicle controller, and roll stabilization for easier control.

Edit: Am I attaching the right files for this?

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.mission   NeterWithCustomMissions.mission (Size: 2.47 MB / Downloads: 86)
.blueprint   SpiritwithSeat.blueprint (Size: 77.65 KB / Downloads: 55)

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