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Poll: What do you think of the docking station speed limit feature?
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Docking Station Speed Limit Feature

So i understand why this is a feature cause i went and looked at other threads and yeah i suppose we dont want a fighter to pull a battleship but this feature has been here for years. 

Why hasn't an alternative been made yet? IE: docking station power consumption based on other vehicles mass maybe?

Are there plans to change it to a new system that i haven't heard of?

Any vehicle i make that carries other vehicles is limited to 30m/s and a lot of my craft are based on not getting hit because they're fast so when i have a carrier that suddenly loses its fighter squadron when it turns on its engines i have a problem.

The reason im bringing this up now is because i've just created a new airship and it was supposed to carry a fighter complement and possibly drop a couple tactical nukes (experimenting with them in my campaign to see how effective they are) but i cant do any of that because the airship happens to go 115m/s (which is far better than i hoped) and clearly thats not gonna work with fighters.

I also wanna see what the general community thinks of this feature and whether it should be changed so i included a poll.

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