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Kamikaze SAM missile scrip request

(2018-09-11, 12:23 AM)robertqin Wrote: Hello everyone.

I am trying to make Kamikaze long range surface to air missiles against nimble micro jets, but I couldn't find good AI script for them. I have seen some cruise missile scripts, but they are more suitable for air to surface missiles, not the converse, as they will try to maintain certain altitude during approach and try to stay above the target at the terminal phase.

I would like to request a simple surface to air script that makes the missiles behave like vanilla missiles with APN guidance, if that's not too much trouble. Thanks in advance!

I would look again at the missile scripts available.  Many of them have a 'direct attack' guidance profile which is what you are looking for.  due to it's popularity many tend to have top attack guidance profiles selected as default. IIRC both zerothangle's unified script, and 6dwavenminer's 'smart missile guidance' script both support AA direct attack profiles with second order prediction and in the later case target speed driven thrust control. against speedy, maneuverable micro jets they will both require significant tuning and good detection to get acceptable hit-rates
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