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Battalion Annihilation Craft - Ledaldus

The Ledaldus is a Red Division aerial superweapon built purely to do one purpose, total annihilation of the opposing army. Armed with super massive cannons and a nigh impenetrable frontal shielding. Unfortunately this thing consume rediculous amounts of materials for when in combat. It is one of my murder machines that is not meant to be fought alone, it is very hard to overwhelm it with slow missiles, no matter how much you throw at it. It may look like two gigantic high tech looking zeppelins fused together but its not, these contain the massive steam engines and all sorts of stuff inside, that powers its godlike shields and LAMs, which are capable of blocking off 3 Kobold alphastrikes without taking excessive hull damage ( we'll see about that when it is in 2.0)

Overall a real force to be reckoned with. It has a solid triple layer drive 9 reflect shielding entirely to the front, and.... This thing has an engine power of about 750000K through steam power alone just to keep up the LAMs and shielding. It is essentially an airborne fortress with really really REALLY big guns, long anti-ship missiles, and large 166mm gatling guns. It can keep up a decent turn rate, by no means it should be underestimated for its weakness to be flanked, and it holds up a decent shielding at the sides. Its a lot worse than my 7K block gunship doing the damage. It will normally stay at a distance of 2K away from its opponents while having lasers dedicated to anti air that will take out any fast flying targets that comes too close to the craft, essentially preventing nukes and jet fighters doing any significant damage to the craft front and back, the laser system feeds off from the powerful LAMs system, it will only fire at anything in the air that flies fast or large targets in the air in its range.

Its massive guns are built externally from its main hull, along with that, its fitted with ejectors. This is to prevent ammunition blowing up the main hull if damaged, otherwise the craft will fall. The projectiles are relatively slow compared to of a Kobold (I'd probably build another gunship to mimic its powerful projectiles). Also there is a mixture of disruption shells along with the HE shells so other shield based ships can die of horrible explosive death Angel

This thing has an extremely high material consumption rate, due to having gigantic steam engines, because of this I fitted efficient fuel engines just to keep it up in the air without using the steam engines like a madman, basically its environmental friendly out of battle, but when it is... It would consume materials nearly as fast as the Arzyllius, not up to the point vanilla designer cannot replenish the materials though, still the fuel engines weren't enough to keep the craft in the air while not in combat. But hey at least you won't go bankrupt from it

It'll be great if anti missile controllers work on fixed APS cannons....

The most powerful war machine built to date in the Red Division arsenal, boasting great firepower and defense, this is a true monster in battle, mostly feared by the extraterrestrial colonists who attempts to claim their land and form an economy to reap the valuable resources in their region. One had said that a great price had to be paid not by money but by life who dares to claim their land. Never a single colonial base has ever survived an attack from the Ledaldus, not even a single survivor to tell the story, as it left their base literally in ashes.

Unfortunately, with the heavy reliance on the craft, it consumed a large portion of their resource supplies. Therefore they now use it in the most dire times of war, and now they have retired the craft from patrol, and left the patrolling to the Hernezia squadrons. Nor has it entered the frontlines against the Blue Division.

The craft was originally a massive aerial warship that was extensively remodeled to what it was today, removing as much of its main weaponry, to make way for its defensive attributes to be installed, then externally installing a massive dual cannon which was once a turret to a colossal ancient land cruiser with another extensive remodel to the turret by adding two more additional cannons, forming a belt full of intimidating big guns under the belly of the craft. With the clan's efforts to reproduce the laser technology offered from stolen Blue Division pre-laser technology, they managed to create a powerful enough laser feeding off from the craft to vaporize any fast cannon fodders that dares to get too close with ease, yet it is inferior to most of their opponent's laser weaponry

- 4 500mm Rapid fire cannons = 2 In/HEAT cannons and 2 Tm/HE shell + Disrupt shell Cannons
- 2 166mm Auto guns = frag
- 48 2KM frag missiles, 10 Flare/Active Bouy/EMP missiles
- 2 AA lasers

- 3 - 2 layer drive 9 shielding, laser shielding included
- LAMs very powerful ones too
- Frontal layered/spaced HA with ERA in spaces, can last for a long while against HEAT weaponry
- Average armour thickness 2 - 5 + HA, there is no alloy, only solid metal and heavy armour and a lot of ERA to the front
- 18 interceptor missiles (doesn't really help)

- Speed = 34m/s
- Blocks = 19K
- Materials = 490K

[Image: MmNcJGi.jpg]
[Image: Y7hA4rC.jpg]
[Image: FuJpzsJ.jpg]
[Image: kAxdDFZ.jpg]
[Image: owGLNQh.jpg]
[Image: YeWdjDS.jpg]
[Image: 83Bwt5g.jpg]

Battle Scenarios

When it comes to fighting this thing close to its block count range, you will need a really strong fleet to take this thing down (This mostly applies to average builders not veteran builders), a lot of weaponry is inadequate when it comes to fighting this thing, the weapon you need are APS cannons not only that, you need to propel explosive volleys fast enough so that the LAMs cannot take all of them down, this was battle tested that the Excalibur vollies were too slow and so most of its necessary rounds were shot down just like that. But when it comes to Thyr volleys they were just fast enough that some got through with the help of its durable missile barrages they were able to distract its LAMs so that its rounds can get through. Missiles can work against it, but its radar bouy missiles will help disperse active radar missiles. In the end, at the near finishing of the Ledaldus the Thyr stood no chance as the distraction missiles threw off its distracting barrages away from the craft.

For CRAMs the craft was able to shoot almost all the rounds in the air from constant barraging from 3 Thunderclaps or from 3 Hobgoblins, not the mention that the craft can definitely fight back so their number of rounds dwindled
[Image: AsB3t4Dh.jpg]

Inertial frags or timed explosives is deemed inadequate fighting this thing head on, as it was tested in the earlier stages of building that 3 Kobolds had all of its shells bounced off like it was nothing yet only some fragments dealt hull damage to it. It can definitely take down 2 Kobolds, when its 3 it could be able to bring it down

A Cezar can deal significant damage from its volleys, but only to die afterwards from return fire.

Instead of bringing a ship 2 or 4 times its size to beat it, the best way to fight it is by flanking it, to do that you need a pretty Lamb good meatshield to take its hits, if you don't then... you know what happens, note that this thing can multi target due to constraints for certain weapons and it does move back from crafts moving in. If you use light fast aircrafts to close the distance good luck you're gonna need it, its lasers can take out an entire squadron of hakes before it gets to its rear, at the same time those are lasers from its powerful LAMs, so large fast armoured thrustercrafts can get crippled rather quickly without good anti laser defenses, especially being a fast armoured craft, smoke is kinda useless, laser shields is your best choice for it, hopefully they won't drain too quickly and die off

Another way of taking it down it by having large fast crafts that does not get too close but instead circling it and do the work if its too slow them there is probably no way in getting past its shields and LAMs

Attached Files
.blueprint   Ledaldus.blueprint (Size: 840.88 KB / Downloads: 67)

I knew the ships in this post looked familiar (these ships were built by Neekap)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=45717]

These look like amazing contributions to the forward broadsider masterrace, post the BP dammit!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Forward broadside is the best broadside Tongue, that's what most of my crafts are built for...
BP? sure remind me to post it then, -whenever its done- If I can keep the promise of course Angel
- Squeezes as much power out from steam engines before they break

Update - The finishing product is done, more images have been added and of course the BP (see? I kept my promise)
- Squeezes as much power out from steam engines before they break

Amazing as usual. The gun mounts on this thing are impressive, powerful, stylish, and even total detonations really don't bother it they're really well built and it makes this thing really durable.

However, the fuel engine could use some work, It has some pretty serious overheating issues, which render it a bit of a liability considering how much fuel you are carrying. There also seems to be an issue with the shell types. you state it fires frag, but it's loaded with Flak, and one of the shell customizers is just gunpowder. Would also recommend some shields on the sides, or more yaw authority, since it struggles a bit against flanking.

Stupid fun to watch it just dual down fleets though, certainly delivers on the name!
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

I guess I forgot to remove those shell customizers when I finished it Big Grin
The flak shell was originally for a 250mm flak CIWS, unfortunately AMCs does not work on fixed APS cannons
- Squeezes as much power out from steam engines before they break

(2017-07-09, 05:29 PM)Resolas Wrote: When it comes to fighting this thing close to its block count range, you will need a really strong fleet to take this thing down

[Image: l0luMqU.jpg]

Ledaldus is 452369 RP in devtest
Revenger is 396204 RP in devtest

Revenger is 9326 blocks.
Ledaldus is 19017 blocks. (more than twice the size of the Revenger.)
Revenger does not flank
Revenger is the top vehicle in Conn's picture.

The ledaldus looks great, and i like the idea of separating the guns from the main body. one issue i did notice was that it sometimes crashes into the ocean for no reason even when out of combat. (in the fight with the Revenger, this did not happen.) The ledaldus does very well against fast, lightly armoured units thanks to It's lasers, and was even able to take down my Blackarrow orbiter. But I soon got my Revenge.

I also had the Ledaldus experience some ocean crashes. from the tests I did it seemed to be power loss, most commonly either immediately after spawn (no steam yet) or when under max load with the fuel engine at max heat.
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

I will take this into account and update it later, the build is finished anyways so after when all of my Red gunships are built or 2.0 comes I'll do something about it

Also updated some bits of the scenarios that fighting this as a fleet will mostly apply to average builders not veterans Big Grin
- Squeezes as much power out from steam engines before they break

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