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And they say in america that europe is weird

This aint the place for stupid gun control debates. I'll just say that no politician actually cares about "The children" and just wants the "victory" for their party and leave it at that. There's no significant actual correlations to suggest disarmament is overwhelmingly positive or negative and that's why politicians resort to emotional appeals and cherry-picked statistics as a default on both sides.

duck this "Stop gun crime" or "defend the 2nd ammendment" or all that other spaghetti. Let's stop buying into political machinations that have no other purpose but fucking people over while making one party look good or the other look bad. It happens in the US, it happens in Europe, it happens in countries with no representative or democratic system at all, and the people are always the ones that lose.

EDIT: To clarify, mass crimes and similar are cultural and psychological issues, the focus on "How evil guns are" or "How guns are important to civil liberty" from both political camps is entirely to avoid addressing real problems, and spaghetti like some of the posts in this thread are exactly what they're relying on to do it for them.

EDIT2: To actually address the OP of this post. I really hate this "Strict Coddle culture" that's developing around the world (and yes, it's everywhere, not just the US). There's literally no actual concept of right and wrong, just strict by-the-letter interpretation of rules and making sure nobody's "feelings get hurt". People like that kid get fucked over so other people can feel good about 'following the rules' or 'doing the right thing'.
(2015-02-13, 01:32 PM)Nick Smart Wrote: I also spaghetti my pants

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