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Black Sun Syndicate's Squadron Shootout (Submissions Closed)

(2016-10-26, 05:05 PM)Varien101 Wrote: Out of both fights... All I have to say is... That submarine impaling the ship was probably the most EPIC THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Also the North Star Fleet is so beautiful, and I LOVE all the little "ice" patches over all his vehicles.

My guns are useless for 1-2 minutes as they have no auto loaders. This wouldn't be hard to fix but i didn't notice as i was in devtest up till my last day of tinkering, and i still needed an airship made. gotta say, everything (but the fighter) worked better when testing, but when that drill finally hit it was great. I planned to have two AIs, one to stay underwater and the other to reach for the heavens, but time ran out. Still, unlike a drill submarine this thing can aim at flyers.

And i agree with you on the Fleet of the North Star. The moment i saw them I wanted to make something pretty. But alas, that was not to be.

"Jeezus thing puts out a lot of bullets!" XD Another entry with monster cannons. You gotta respect that firerate! That poor airship dodged them pretty well for very long but it was all over once it dropped into the water. "The jet... Oh Jeez! It didn't even get a chance to despawn!" But it distracted a TON of missiles! Pretty impressive for something that small.
That river of missiles man! That's beautyful!
The drill attack from below was awesome! Almost thought it would push that ship into space. Out of range by being pushed into orbit. XD Or just drill clean through the hull.
"That explosion... HOLY CR**. Utterly annihilated both vessels!" I love these reactions! XD Mr GluGlub was the only survivor. Glory to Mr GlubGlub!
I think this match was the best until now. That was a ton of fun. Big Grin I wouldn't want to face those cannons and missiles... Wait! My fleet is next!? O_o Im worried. I see death by rapid fire 500mm and missile river in the North Star's future.

Glad you like the looks of my fleet! Makes me happy! ^^
Wow! Polaris got lucky with avoiding that first missile volley! That would have done a TON of damage.
"If I was the captn of that sub I was cursing the pilot of that bomber right now!" Just noticed that there are a LOT of friendly fire near misses at the start. Gotta take risks! Right? XD That's my excuse at least! It has nothing to do with alkohol consunption! I swear! XD
Congrats MonteBoer! You have a pretty cool fleet there, but sometimes size matters. Youre fleet looked kinda small compared to the others so far. Are you sure you used all the available materials? Or is Heavy armor this expensive? O_o

(2016-10-25, 07:28 PM)AdNecrias Wrote: While I recommend waiting for EP05 before having a look at it, here's my fleet:
It isn't exactly what's on the tournament, Menti did me a favour and made the last adjustments himself, so only he has the blueprint, for now.

AsNecriascan can it be that at least one advanced cannon on your ship isnt firing? Im not 100% sure but it seemed to me like that when I inspected your fleet.

edit: ups sorry I was mistaken. Didnt mean you breaktrheough. wrong quote.

edit2: nevermind I just saw your post about it.

Well, a metal block is 5 material, and a HA block is 40 so HA is 8 times as expensive, and a lot of vessels use wood, which is 1 material, so HA is 40 times more expensive than wood, and since I worked with it, yes it is INCREDABLY expensive...

(2016-10-26, 05:42 PM)TheConeezeanEmperor Wrote: Well, a metal block is 5 material, and a HA block is 40 so HA is 8 times as expensive, and a lot of vessels use wood, which is 1 material, so HA is 40 times more expensive than wood, and since I worked with it, yes it is INCREDABLY expensive...

Well, it's certainly possible to build 4-8 times bigger vessels by foregoing heavy armor, but i like to build guns so big (and expensive) and those cost enough for me to warrant the best armor i can fit.
I need to keep learning from these fights.

(2016-10-26, 05:29 PM)Kreuzheber Wrote: edit2: nevermind I just saw your post about it.
I didn't notice in devtest as every other ship behaved like that, but those guns had to load from nothing when they spawn. That's 1 minute for the twin main guns and 2 minutes for the smaller 500mm turret, on the flagship. They also were supposed to be loaded with Sabots and i messed that up when i submitted it. I know 2 hits from those goes through 1 HA and 3 Metal beams armor, so it'd make a difference if they were actually firing.

But that was an amazing firerate on Xanderz' flagship. Nothing can survive that for long, if they hit.

I do want to take a look at the guns on Xanderzoo's ships. Those defo looked like 500M shells but their reload rate was just way way to fast. From all my tinkering (to the point of being braindead on APS guns) a 500M cannon c-a-n-n-o-t reload that fast, UNLESS he has the ammo clips in a staggered loading. But that seems unlikely because the guns would still have to be 2-3 times bigger then the ones on my ship and that make no sense lol. However the %$* Xander made those guns is what I wanted to come out with, but ended just making a gigantic gun =P

I'm hoping that we see some shotgun APS guns out there, I played with them and got a decent 10K material one made but couldn't figure out how to build a hull around the Lamb thing, to tall =(

whelp when my fight come up I lose due to my AI being off.

stupid past me to forgetful prick.

GG DiazKincade

To answer Varien101's question, the cannons are indeed 500mm and therefor 8m autoloaders. I originally built them for a much larger ship, (240 meters long) and basically built the Mako around them making necessary compromises to armor and such along the way. I will try to upload a blueprint of the Mako tomorrow.

AdNecrias, you have earned this:

[Image: giga_drill_breaker_by_jnkwarrior-d34teqj.jpg]

Bear it with pride, my friend. *salute*
[Image: 1cen8H1.jpg]

"Professional tournament manager/resusciteur."

-Skullsploder, 2016

My avatar is from a webcomic called The Archipelago! Go check it out!

(2016-10-24, 10:39 AM)TheConeezeanEmperor Wrote: Coastal Defence Task Force, come at me bro.

Looking forward to the match! Especially after that fifth episode, man. I was on the edge of my seat and laughing out loud watching that fighter thread through that stream of missiles. I wish I could design small fliers that controlled that well!

I'm definitely wishing I'd invested more in missile defense and armored my lifting dediblades better. I have a feeling my airships aren't going to spend very long in the air!

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