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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Sorry for not being on the forums for a while (even though it may show that I'm on them, it's most likely cause I have this in a background tab on my computer or tablet). Where are you guys finding these updates (am I just being blind?). So LAM's now affect CRAM's......I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing honestly. CRAM's are nice for mass damage so in that respect it's nice to have another defense against them and the fact that they're going slow enough that a guy with a rifle could probably hit them. HOWEVER, I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem but only a portion of CRAM shells actually connect with their target. APS most of the time does hit them but CRAM's seem to just go sailing around the target. Furthermore it gives me more incentive not to mess with them, and potentially new players that same incentive since APS (as far as I know, again I have no idea where your seeing these updates) doesn't get affected by LAM's.

Off from my little rant, I've gotten little work done when it comes to the designs I've made and are making thus far. However I have made a new Reefback Wrecker Barrage Balloon thingy. It's the first I've ever made so it's not in the slightest nice looking, but furthermore it's also a little buggy:

Say hello to the Matchstick CRAM:

(No photo here since I only have one photo of it and it requires some backstory)

It's taken me an astoundingly long time to design this, the Hunter was done in less time and sadly I feel as if this has kinda failed. It hovers at about 150 and will attempt to get over it's target and bombard them with CRAM shells that actually do a surprising amount of damage (tested it against a stationary Plunder and it destroyed the Bridge in a single shot, the downside is that the cannon takes a while to reload since I upped the packing time). However it's slow and when missiles are brought into play it'll disintegrate. Something that I found completely funny was the fact that they are darn good repairers. In the Designer I sent a swarm of 5 against some of my AA designs and all of them were taken out BUT two began repairing each other. One fully repaired one and my AA took it out, then that one repaired the other one, and my AA took that one out and this happened for a while until finally the timer just ran out on one (the long way) then the other fell because of that. Testing this again I sent a swarm of two, did the same thing BUT when I sent the swarm of five again only two survived and repaired each other. Can someone explain this to me please lol? Pic that required that backstory:

[Image: 0O2bkRe.jpg]

I've attached the BP even though I'm not 100% happy with it, I'm thinking of making a new one and instead of going for the ah....'matchstick' look I'll be going with the look that just screams: "Some idiot thought it was a good idea to attach balloons (dedi-blades) to a ship......" it just practically spells Reefback Wreckers!

PS: Ignore the timer in the corner, I record youtube videos and this was an attempt at me balancing the audio (I screwed my microphone up bad....) and the best way I've learned to do that is to record some FTD building, which I don't post since it's just to mess with the audio lol.

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