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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Alright, I've had a look at the Air Python and quite frankly I'm impressed.
Apart from the odd decision to mount a single-barreled HESH gun (those only really work well at high calibre in my experience), it functions more like a bomber than a fighter as far as I can tell. The missiles are pretty impressive and it fits the aesthetic pretty well.

[Image: 3ntKXh4.jpg]

Here's the comprehensive list of what I've done to it:
  • Increased number of barrels on the frontal gun to 3 and changed the ammunition to composite head. Also reduced the barrel length, because noodle barrels look a little silly and an advanced cannon rework is just around the corner... hopefully
  • Changed cruising height to 210. Foreldi's atmosphere gets thinner above 275 metres and is completely absent at 400.
  • Painted to match the rest of the OWC
  • Replaced various resource containers with misc ones
  • Removed repair tentacles. Repair cheese isn't the OWC's gimmick, except on carrier/factory ships.
  • Removed jets on main body, so there's more engine power for shielding.
  • Added shield to protect against AA fire from below.
  • Replaced wood with alloy, because OWC.
  • Shifted a few things around for aerodynamics
  • Armoured underside of ammo storage, moved ammo processors.

Will be integrated as soon as I've come up with a name.

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