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TIE-Sail Fighter-Bomber: Cheap zero-fuel transatmospheric fighter.

After making the Tie-Sail Freighter, I figured "Why not try to make a sail-powered fighter?"

Ludicrous as it may seem, it turned out alright. As you might guess from the name, its appearance is somewhat similar to some fighters used by some empire somewhere.

[Image: TIHjkfEl.jpg]

This fighter-bomber is equipped with a forward mounted ACC rapid fire kinetic sabot gun, and a downwards facing CRAM cannon suited for attacking larger targets.

It cruises up near the edge of the gravity well, but will come down a bit to engage enemy targets as need be (according to the settings I put into Madwad's LUA AI, it should try to maintain an altitude a couple hundred meters above its target, but I may need to muck with it some more).

Due to the fact that it never needs resupply, and the fact that it is cheap (only a bit over 85k), this vessel makes a nice unit to stick out somewhere without needing to bother with refueling or resupplying it (I am aware of the Irony of this when considering the design philosophy of the actual TIE-Fighter).

It also makes a nice early game vessel.

As for downsides? Well, it is relatively fragile (no point putting shields on something that has no engine).

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Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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