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Improvement to the forces of ailerons/tailplanes

TL;DR version at the bottom.

FtD has come and gone a long way, and the general craft have increased in size since the old days. Therefore, let's look at something that's rarely ever used from my eyes; ailerons/tailplanes. To start off, ailerons apply a 0.1 force per aileron, capping up to 10-20 from what I've heard. This is a very low rolling force, especially compared to a basic jet engine, which is 100 force. From the mathematical looks, it would take 1000 ailerons to match the power of a basic jet engine. I don't think something is right there personally, but just from the number given, let's go with it. Tailplanes provide a 0.2 force per unit. That's still pretty small, but better than ailerons.

With FtD the way it is today, wings/ailerons/tailplanes alone without jet engine support are rarely ever used effectively. I'm not saying these parts should be buffed to make rolling engines obsolete, but giving them some kind of buff to cope with today's building standards would help a fair bit.

How would I buff them? First and foremost, removing the aileron rolling cap (if it exists) would be a crucial start. Secondly, increasing the aileron roll force to a much higher number such as .5 would be a major help. I would say higher, but I'd rather start small on this and see how it goes from there. For tailplanes, I'd probably also say .5 force per unit, just to keep the two in line with one another. This would give these parts a reason to be used more, and it shouldn't really break anything.

TL;DR version: Remove the aileron force cap (if it exists) and buff ailerons and tailplanes force from 0.1 and 0.2, respectively, to 0.5 so that they're more usable in larger craft. This amount could go higher, but this is just a small step to see how such theorycraft changes would affect things.
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