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Adventure Mode Updates and Question

Does anyone know if there are any plans for adventure mode to be updated in the future. Currently I prefer the idea of it more to the reality. A perfect example: last night, started a new game, made the raft slightly less raft-like and got a couple of small missiles bolted to the sides. Then, along came some giant green flying thing with a dozen lasers and plenty of missiles and I was dead before I even got the throttle all the way up.
Failing any updates, being that I can't live without third person view I'm happy enough editing the save file to do so, and I couldn't help notice there are some other potentially relevant numbers, for example I've figured out what 0,1,2 correspond to with regards to type of warp plane and warp plane difficulty was fairly self explanatory.
Does anyone know if changing "Difficulty" or "AllowableBattlePoints" would have any sort of effect?

 "DescriptionParagraphs": [],
    "MissionHeader": {
      "MissionIndex": 0,
      "FactionId": null,
      "HasBeenSetup": false
    "CampaignHeader": {
      "HasBeenSetup": false,
      "Difficulty": 4,
      "Hash": ""
    "MultiplayerHeader": {
      "HasBeenSetup": false
    "CommonSettings": {
      "DisplayRelationshipMatrix": true,
      "DisplayReinforcementsInMenu": true,
      "DisplayEnemiesInMenu": true,
      "DisplayNextEnemyWaveSpawn": true,
      "DisplayFailureConditions": true,
      "FactionHqGrowFactorAllowEdit": true,
      "EnemyBlockDestroyedResourceDropAllowEdit": true,
      "DifficultyDamageModifierAllowEdit": true,
      "DesignDifficultyWeightingAllowEdit": true,
      "FactionHqGrowthFactor": 1.0,
      "AllowableBattlePoints": 5000.0,
      "EnemyBlockDestroyedResourceDrop": 0.1,
      "FogOfWarType": 1,
      "ResourcePointAllowance": 0.0,
      "ParTime": 60.0,
      "ReferenceFrame": "-30926.56,0,-25454.38",
      "HeartStoneRequirement": 1,
      "WarpAbility": 1,
      "ConstructableCleanUp": 1,
      "AvatarAvailability": 0,
      "TeamAutoAssignType": 0,
      "AvatarDamage": 0,
      "HeartstonePlacement": 0,
      "BlueprintSpawningOptions": 1,
      "DesignerOptions": 0,
      "SavingOptions": 0,
      "DifficultyDamageModifier": 1.0,
      "DesignDifficultyWeighting": 1.0,
      "DesignSaveMethod": 1,
      "LocalisedResourceMode": 1,
      "BribingRules": 1,
      "BuildBarRules": 2,
      "BuildModeRules": 0,
      "AccessToMap": 1,
      "AccessToThirdPersonView": 0,
      "LuckyMechanic": 0

  "Adventure": {
    "WarpGates": [],
    "CurrentPlaneType": 0,
    "TimeInWarpPlane": 734.654,
    "WarpPlaneDifficulty": 0.1,

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