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Hovercraft Havoc tournament rules and craft submission

Welcome to Hovercraft Havoc! This is a tournament for our favorate floaty friends of destruction! 



All weapons are allowed but you can only have a max of 300 weapon components per turret.


All hull blocks but heavy armor are allowed.


Your craft must float relatively stabally at 15 meters of the ocean's surface and can only go at most 50 m/s and at least 15 m/s. Ship propellers are not allowed, if you hit the water and are in it for 15 seconds your done. If your craft can recover before that your fine.

Size, resource, and spawning:

Your craft can't be more 15k blocks or 200k resource, this is to provide a bit of leeway for your designs to be more unique.

The craft will be spawned (approximately) 2k meters apart and will begin facing eachother. No exceptions!


Style it to your heart's content but dont submit a flying brick, it wont matter how functional it is, i want some pritty hovers!

---other info---

Due date for the first season is april 21

Detection systems will be at the default levels

Everything else is up to you!

Please submit your files below or pm me them
Titans fall apart...

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