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Can I change these paremeters for a custom campaign?

I want to create a semi-realistic custom campaign. I’m probably going to need some future help, but right now I’m just planning. I’m just wondering if theses paremeters (found in player perks) can be set for the entire campaign, e.i. applying to every faction:
  • Muzzle velocity multiplier,
  • Accuracy multiplier,
  • Thrust (of propellers) multiplier,
  • Power requirement (of propellers) multiplier?
Is it also possible to:
  • Restrict access to various parts,
  • Restrict access to projectile components e.i. Sabots, EMP, HEAT?
This would be to restrict players from building OP ships to keep the campaign fun and balanced.
Depending on the answer to these will further help me push planning forward.

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Can I change these paremeters for a custom campaign? - by Shaun - 2018-10-08, 12:30 AM

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