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[SS] Iron Maiden Remake (Easy{40 FP})

Original Iron Maiden:
Iron Maiden originally created by Silver, remade by IronFudge, with assistance by Silver and Karbengo

Blocks: 5285

Lore: The Iron Maiden project surfaced when the Admiralty encountered the need for a conventional cruiser-sized ship capable of providing naval support against air targets, submarines and surface targets alike. Rapromium Heavy Industries took on the contract and employed their usual expertise in ship making, combined with a new experimental 'All guns forward' configuration. The ship proved to be a success, and Rapromium would later develop the unusual layout into the Thyr heavy battlecruiser.

Strengths: Well rounded ship capable of taking on any target

Weaknesses: Relatively thin armour 

The Iron Maiden
Class: Cruiser
Role: Well rounded naval support
Cost: 110789
L: 127
W: 19
H: 30
Top speed: 10m/s
Power: 1600 power fuel injection engine
Fuel reserve: 36000

Main guns: 2 2x360mm guns loaded with HPHE 16rpm
AA guns: 1 150mm gun loaded with HE/Frag timed fuse 400rpm
Missiles: 1 small missile turret with 16 surface-air missiles
Torpedoes: 7 medium quintuple warhead torpedoes

Above waterline: 2m metal-alloy
Below waterline: 2m metal-metal
Barbettes: 1m metal
Superstructure: 1m alloy
Engine: 1m alloy
AI: 1m HA
Ammo: 1m HA
Compartment bulwarks: 1m alloy

[Image: DVRBZOG.jpg]

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