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Indirect Fire Cannon Modules

Long have we dreamed for mortars soaring up and then down, onto our enemies. Travel time and AI limitations have crushed those dreams so far, but it can be done. I am suggesting new modules for cannons. A guidance system hooked to fins or jets to turn the shell while in flight. A module for APS, a fusebox addition for CRAM, which guides a projectile to a target, and is more effective at lower speeds. Useless for high speed direct fire, perfect for slower, mid to high arcing mortar fire, which would need to be able to change it's movement to intercept its target.

Mortars strike at a traditionally weaker portion of the ship, taking more time and being more prone to intercept all the while. It would be a reasonably easily balanced component, all you really have to change is the relationship between speed and turning ability. It would also give us the ability to build something that many have wanted to build before.

What are your thoughts?
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(2017-07-08, 08:25 PM)benzo711 Wrote: I really only agree with 4m being long enough because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to retrofit everything


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