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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

(2018-08-10, 10:13 PM)Captain_Fox Wrote: Yes you can. See the Fleet subclass. :3

Ah, I didn't make the connection. Sadly, what you're hoping for won't work, it only shares detection. Very useful for preventing ships from being made blind, but not much else.

Quote:The 360 degree camera on a spin block means that it can be inside thr hull and the game believes it has clear line of sight. It's to represent crew members peering out of the gun ports.

See, that I didn't think of. Because normally that gets outright banned as an exploit.

Quote:Exposed means on any flat, horizontal part of thr hull above water linr or on the weatherdeck. Basically outside armored larts of the ship. It can be srmored with single wooden slopes to look like a little bump on where it is located.

But not embedded in the deck, where it's surrounded by metal, right?

I see what you're going for here, but I think it's not the greatest idea. Normally you'd place repair bots to be out of the line of fire, and that normally means in an armored compartment, but here it means where the ships aren't shooting. So it'll logically end up in the crow's nest, or on top of a metal funnel, or something to just keep it away from all the shells coming in. The worst part of it is that because of how powerful repairs can be, it risks turning the fight into a combo of placing the repair bot somewhere weird and then luck. It also makes HE spam extremely powerful because of the chance to kill the repair bot. Personally, I'd stick the one repair bot rule and say put it in an ammo compartment or within X distance of an AI so it's somewhere getting targeted but HE spam isn't the best way to win.

Hmm... additional thought: is it 1 repair bot per ship or per entry, meaning a fleet needs to have only one repairing ship? Same for question for propeller limits and such, since it seems that the AI and gun limit is per entry, but the other stuff isn't as clear for a fleet.

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