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The desecration of CnC license continues (CnC Rivals ?!)

Oh boy, one day i was asking... maybe we will get a new Command and Conquer ? Maybe EA learned ?

And this is was shown at EA E3


[Image: giphy.gif]

Not many game franchises can be molested and murdered three times i can tell you. The CNC Generals 2, the Tiberium Alliance and now this.

A fucking mobile game ?!

Do they keep releasing this out of touch games only so they can maintain their rights to the CNC name ? Are they trying to cash out on people who arent aware ?

Real fans wont forget, the trailer is overwhelmingly disliked and the internet is furious about it.

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The desecration of CnC license continues (CnC Rivals ?!) - by mrvecz - 2018-06-11, 02:43 PM

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