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The Flying Duck Mk2 (not an actual duck)

So a year or so after my ww2 inspired plane was posted, i finally manage to get another ww2 inpired (pretty much an attemped replica) plane the Flying duck MK2
the after cataclysm mode is needed for the weapons.

The plane is dual dual(?) propelled each engine generates 293 hp and the props barely use 50% of each engine, it carries around 1200 bullets and it has 20 wing mounted 20mm cannons(from the after cataclysm mod) and a autocannon in the nose(so it eats up ammo fast).
[Image: 2Pv8YNY.jpg]
it is fast at 62 m/s and has 4000 units of fuel.
[Image: tVYRb4P.jpg]
since its mostly alerons with some wings it is very agile. and it can be both ai or human operated.
[Image: kAiESPd.jpg]

The plane flies well but it needs after cataclysm to use guns.

After cataclysm mod:

I dont own credit for the mod as it goes to the after cataclysm mod devs

Feel free to modify the planes as anyway you like

edit: is also has a jet engine to avoid the plane going into space

Attached Files
.blueprint   TFD MkII W.blueprint (Size: 88.43 KB / Downloads: 10)
I build for building not efficiency, just add more cannons an it will work

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