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Poll: Do you want air drag reduced?
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16 33.33%
10 20.83%
Yes, and I'm willing to help retrofit faction designs
17 35.42%
No, but I'll still help refit faction designs
5 10.42%
Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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Does the community want a reduction in air density?

The purpose of this thread (and more importantly, poll) is to ascertain whether the community of this game would want a reduction in air density on Neter, and probably reduction in aerial thrust, which would mean that thrustercraft need more space and power dedicated to lift, acceleration would be different, and most movements would be smoother and less jittery, meaning better accuracy. The main downside is a reduction in the effectiveness of meta thrustercraft, and the redesign of most GT, SD, possibly DWG, a few WF, a decent bit of TG, and a few LH, thrustercraft and other various aircraft, along with the OW Eyrie.

I'm hoping to gauge support of this idea, resulting from Unhinged's thread, to see if people would want this change to FtD to help debuff the current aircraft.
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Does the community want a reduction in air density? - by MizarLuke - 2018-05-16, 04:32 PM

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