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4x4 Square Corners and Inverted Wedges?

So, many of you probably have run into a bit of a problem when creating something remotely spherical in this game.

The game has no large area square corners. 1x1 square corner exists, but not 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 square corners.
The same goes with triangle corners and inverted triangle corners.

The satelite I'm building, Fenrir, has this problem. It's supposed to have a dome on top of it, protecting the mainframes and engines.


[Image: attachment.php?aid=50498]

I know this is quite a lot of work, but maybe create a full selection of corners, 2x3, 4x4 etc... ?

Another part that would be pretty neat would be inverted wedges.
Because there are just times when you'd need 2 slopes in 1 block area.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=50500]

This one would be at least a bit easier to make, and its health and cost would be the same as a slope the same size.
No need for 3x4 things either. We have slopes for that.

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