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Another Missile Sugestion thread [Subcomponent Missile System]

So after the announcement of Missile overhaul to come at some point I though about some ways of overhauling it aswell, in a, well a bit different way then the Missile overhaul mod does.

instead of being missiles, it would more be like Advanced Missile system (AMS)Big Grin
Now named Subcomponent Missile System [SMS] as of Suggestion from Khaz Smile

Main Idea - Subcomponents
So the main difference would be that A missile is build out of Subcomponents instead of just single Components Each Subcomponent consisting of: Core-Skin-Outer layer.
You would build Subcomponents in a prefab way where you can select: what Module for the Core Skin and outside and the length of the Subcomponent (or Ratio in Calibers), Some components having a minimum length (a bigger missile (wider Diameter) would have lover minimum length because you have more space to the sides instead of just forward and back)

Missile Scaling/Amount
Second thing do the Scaling for amount of Tubes/Gantries like on an APS that you can set caliber, and a certain amount of barrels having a maximum gantries, for example: 1 gantry has 1m diam, 4 gantries have 0.5m, 16 gantries have 0.25m gantries, etc, up to something like 20-50 gantries per block. even at 64 gantries you would still have 0.125m missiles
2x2,3x3 racks for Sure aswell, maybe 1x2 Racks aswell for Cruise missiles.

the Loading System
The loading should also have some backpart possibly, like Autoloaders or rotating tubes, (IRL you can only reload with a big crane while out of combat anyways Big Grin)
Like a Subcomponent loader, this loader has to be longer then every subcomponent (or most of if you have a bigger loader aswell) of the missile, which then puts these Subcomponents into the Missile gantry
assembling it slowly.
the second one could be Rotating tubes, like when you don't have enough deckspace to put all missiles in it, you have a rotating tube that then after one missile fires, rotates and then be able to fire again. the tube that is in non fire position in that case would be assembled by the subcomponent loaders.

in the Q menu
Subcomponents should be saved as prefabs, to build you missiles out of, make then like 5 subfolders¿ for: Build Subcomponent; Premade Subcomponents; Own Subcomponents; Save Missile; load Missile

Modules for the Subcomponents:
When I mentioned something as expensive I mean it as uses more ammo than normal components

Core: Computers, Fuel, Tracking devices(Seekers: Radar(Active; Passive; Semi-active), IR, Laser,), Center (rear) Thruster nozzle, Decoupler, Warheads

Skin/Wall:Light Metal(The normal material), Hardened Skin (for extra HP against LAMS/CIWS and for Penetrations, Heavier), Radome (More expensive very weak, but can house a radar Seeker behind it, something like this for the IR seeker aswell) , Stealth skin (More expensive and a little more drag, but decreases the Detection range of the missile), Fragmentation ring (Heavy, expensive, Create extra Drag and Very detectable adds extra fragmentation to HE warheads)

Outside: Fins(possibly 3 types, with different drag, maneuverability), Booster Nozzles, Wings (Use Core space because the have to be folded, inside the Launch Tubes), Laser Beam Riding Receiver,

Any other Ideas for components and other things?
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


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