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How to keep planes from going into orbit?

Not sure where to look to for this supposedly simple answer, but I have built a plane, it is stable with all control surfaces needed and the AI seems to know what it is doing while piloting it... except for the fact that the thing constantly increases its altitude.

I have a dedicated heli-blade setup at the front to continuously provide propulsion, but I am assuming that the AI should nose the aircraft down when it reaches the set maximum altitude; and nose up when it dips below.

For some reason though, the thing continues to angle upwards. All the way into the stratosphere at 3000meters.

I would like to turn it into a torpedo bomber and/or missile bomber flying just over 200meters and not below 150. While also firing the torpedo/missile at about 100meters or so from the target (aiming straight at it).

If anyone knows the specific settings for the AI cards (both targeting and simply piloting) or some physical alteration needed for the plane to keep it from constantly increasing altitude that I can use to ensure that this thing doesn't go launching itself into low orbit, I'd really appreciate it.

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How to keep planes from going into orbit? - by Levits - 2018-02-13, 01:26 AM

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