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AI shouldn't target units when they are about to get autoscraped

(2018-01-10, 06:54 AM)Nuka Stuka Wrote: i think they should make a option when you hold Q on an enemy saying "IGNORE/DONT ATTACK" would help when capturing vehicles as death from friendly fire is annoying and turning of your vehicles AI when other enemy's still alive end up destroying your vehicles.

Didn't notice you can do that until now. It would still be cool to have it on by default for both player and faction designs.

Quote:That said, not targeting vehicles with an auto-scrapping timer on them is not so clear-cut: enemies with an AI can still hurt you as long as they live, and particularly with "sustained by repairs" modifiers that can be a very long time.

I am pretty sure that when you get to 55% you have no or very few guns left and can hardly do much damage compared to other enemies in the remaining 10 seconds. It is much better in practically any situation to go for other targets if there are any.

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