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[2.03 Public] Center of Mass jumps around - solved

(2017-12-07, 12:24 PM)Gladyon Wrote: From my experience, it's not the CoM the problem, but the drag.
If the drag is applied higher than the CoM, then at low speed your plane will have a tendency to nose down as the drag will be negligible, but at high speed it will nose up because of the drag.

On a plane I had to add a few blocks in order to center the drag force enough so that the controls were strong enough to compensate both at low and high speed.

I have seen the actual COM marker move, but that might be a visual bug only.
(2017-07-10, 02:50 AM)Resolas Wrote: Forward broadside is the best broadside

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RE: [2.03 Public] Center of Mass jumps around on moving craft in build mode - by Kaonicping - 2017-12-07, 12:45 PM

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