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[2.03 Public] Center of Mass jumps around - solved

Ever since a couple of years back I've been wondering why my crafts with all engines pointing through the center of mass would spin out of control.

Recently, while observing a moving VTOL craft in build mode, I've noticed that when the craft is moving, the center of mass actually flickers, even though the craft configuration hasn't changed, so that whatever thrusters that are pointing through the CoM, are actually not pointing straight through it any more.

The amount that the CoM moves away from its original position seems to be related to the speed of the craft, and looks to be lagging a few frames behind where the CoM should be. Tests with thrusters to see how the craft spins as a result of this also seems to confirm that the it seems to start spinning around what was its CoM from a few frames back.

I tried to take screenshot, but the CoM marker flickers too fast to be caught in the screenshot.

Attached is the craft in which I observed the CoM flickering. It has two thrusters, both of which point through the CoM when the craft is held static, and the CoM can be observed to flicker when the craft in moving while in Build Mode. It is most noticeable when the craft fires it's horizontal thrusters at 500m altitude.

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.blueprint   Radar Satellite Fast2.blueprint (Size: 35.84 KB / Downloads: 30)

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