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[Devtest v2.1] Shield with no addon revert back to default colour.

In devtest v2.1, I was pleased to see one of the many new features is the ability to set shield colour and alpha internally, no need for addons anymore!

However, after tests, I found a bug that make shields without addons revert back to default color after spawning.

To replicate this bug in devtest v2.1:

-Create or load up a vehicle equipped with a shield.
-Set the internal RGBA parameters to something different than default. Make sure to delete any addon attached to the shield.
-Save the vehicle and deploy a new copy.

You will see the shields loading the default color instead of the one memorized in the UI. You can then inspect the shields UI to see the RGBA parameters are still the ones you have set up for your custom color, but the shield seems to ignore it upon loading. Then, if you further modify the RGBA settings, the shield color will update normally. The same bug occurs after pulling back the vehicle from play, then puting it back in play.

Shields with an addon attached are working as intended, which makes me think this is an issue with the new internal parameters being ignored when the shield fails to detect an addon to pull RGBA variables from upon loading the vehicle.

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[Devtest v2.1] Shield with no addon revert back to default colour. - by karbengo - 2017-12-07, 05:49 AM

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