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Opting for volume efficiency while maintaining efficiency

Thread's for sharing ideas on how to make smaller craft viable. I would like to make carriers and drone ships and similair more hilarious FtD things, but I am having difficulty because the optimal way to play the game is to be incredibly volume inefficient, everything gets bigger and better with size.

I would LOVE an engine that is stupidly costly up front, gives an actually decent PPBB, but somehow breaks down if the craft volume is above a certain threshold. I like to play the campaign with limited resources and typically run max enemy spawn, 0 or 0.01 salvage, and localized resources. Playing in this way your logistical train is just as important as your actual combat ships.

The problem is that between explosions clipping through things, inline turbo engines being the only real engine solution, and empty space being the worlds greatest armor (in FtD), I find that I am forced to build bigger and bigger and it is making me lose interest because my creations are basically the same thing, enhanced, and made bigger.

I would like to go back to making effective microfighters and small craft, so does anyone have ideas for how to power them?

So far my best solution is to use a mothership with a powerful efficient engine, and run all the little things off of battery power sourced via the resource system. However, these aren't really carriers as you can't really project any force with them since the innate flotilla accompanying the carrier has zero range away from the mothership.

The barracuda is a good example, albeit a poor execution.

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Opting for volume efficiency while maintaining efficiency - by SynthTwo - 2017-11-13, 01:38 AM

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