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[WWII Custom Faction] Wasteland Guardians [New tanks]

IMPORTANT NOTE: New designs and their images will be put in the replies as I have reached the image count for this thread.

My old custom faction's BP thread is now buried, and although a lot of the vehicles I planned are complete now, reviving it is pretty much impossible, and I'd rather not necro a thread that wasn't too popular in the first place, so I decided to create a new faction, based mostly on land. This is a faction that I made for a potential RTS campaign based on the planet Kerberos, a moon of Neter, with 3 other factions, each being playable and having their own unique story. The factions are:

The Kingdom of Etherea: Wooden vehicles with alloy ribbing relying entirely on high-calibre HEAT guns, rams and missiles. They have large, grand-looking command vehicles with heavy guns supported by fast, sleek rammers with missiles and spinblocked rams or drills. Rarely, they use active defences.

The Wasteland Guardians: See below for a better description, but a "Jack-Of-All-Trades" faction with cheap but outdated vehicles with either huge firepower and no armour, or lots of armour and weak firepower. Rarely, they use active defences.

The Outsiders: A split from the SD forces on neter, the Outsiders use large bulky helicopter gunships, weak PACs and simple lasers, and miniguns firing AP rounds. They have a combination of alien and steampunk in their styles and are the tank faction with bad weapons but huge armour. Rarely, they use active defences.

Kerberan Imperial Forces: The conventional faction. They use designs from the cold war to modern day with sleek modern and sometimes futuristic craft focusing on mobility over armour and firepower. They use active defences in some of their naval designs.

NOTE: None of them have shields or LAMS and only CIWS and flares are used as active defences.

Features of the faction
Strength: Like many custom factions (eg: Baharuth-Estize Empire), these vehicles are NOT meant for actual combat and are mostly aesthetic, although still packing a nasty punch despite being unshielded and as close to realism as possible.

Style: There are 2 main styles of this faction. One manufacturer, Serpentine Ironworks (totally not a reference to my old faction) creates vehicles that are typically in good shape, but outdated, with WWII influences due to lack of resources, with examples being prop-driven fighters. The second, Eclipse Arms Corp, creates odd, experimental designs mashed together from scrap, broken designs and a bit of insanity, with oddities such as 2 fighter planes tied together, tanks with multiple turrets and weaponized trucks. Both manufacturers build primitive jet aircraft, with Eclipse building more jets than Serpentine Ironworks, as well as more bizarre designs.

Lore: Natives of Neter's largest moon Kerberos, the Wasteland Guardians, as they call themselves, are scavengers at heart. One of the oldest factions, they started as a group of rogues, highwaymen and petty thieves who escaped the law by travelling deep into the desert, away from civilization. Isolated from the outside world, they lived off passing cargo trucks and whatever they could find in the desert, but with the First War for Kerberos breaking out among the invading Outsiders and the Kerberan Imperial Army, huge amounts of lost soldiers, citizens and refugees banding together to tough out the war. Aquiring more and more materials, the guardians expanded their territory and with the formation of their capital city, known as "Hell's Cauldron" to the rest of Kerberos, they are now a civilization of their own. However, their pirate lifestyle has definitely not been left behind, and to this day they remain a terror to convoys, travellers and even military forces that were sent to defend the cargo lines, with their ramshackle army of outdated yet lethal tanks, trucks and planes overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers.



A-121 Kingfisher
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Ground attacker, Strike fighter.
Armaments: 2 triple warhead frag missiles and 6 autocannons, 3 on each turret.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47034]
Lore: An attacker and fighter in one, the Kingfisher mounts six autocannons capable of damaging light surface targets, as well as 2 aerotorpedoes, innovations made by Serpentine Ironworks, being essentially guided rockets capable of chasing down aerial and land targets alike. Produced in huge numbers, the Kingfisher will undoubtedly remain in service for at least 2 more decades.

F-324 Smaug
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Heavy fighter
Armaments: 8 triple warhead frag missiles
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47058]
Lore: The golden age of the Wasteland Guardians' air force was brought about by the creation of the F-324 Smaug. Heavily armed with aerotorpedoes and faster than any previous military aircraft, this heavy fighter is easily one of the most iconic and powerful vehicles in it's class, and continues to serve in the air forces today despite jet technology being available.

A-119 Lynx
Manufacturer: Eclipse Arms Corporation
Role: Ground Attack
Armaments: 2 54mm autocannons
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47131]
Lore: Starting out life as a light cargo craft, the lynx was heavily modified and renovated to carry 2 heavy autocannons mounted on the wings. While slow and frail due to it's origins as a civillian craft, the Lynx packs a serious punch and can easily deal with light to medium ground targets, provided it has some much-needed aerial support.

Ground Vehicles
NOTE: The latest versions of these are on the 3rd page of this thread. Get those instead since they work properly.

T-23 Komodo
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Armoured Recon Vehicle/Light Tank
Armaments: 1 autocannon, 1 166mm anti-tank gun
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47036]
Lore: The beginning of a new era, the Komodo uses a unique "pike" nose to toughen it's frontal armour while still retaining the agility of other light tanks. Used as a flanker and a scout, the Komodo's thin armour makes it light and very agile, but frail. Despite this, it is already one of the most used tanks in the Guardians' ground forces, and is well-liked by it's crews for it's reliability.

T-23 Komodo B
Manufacturer: Eclipse Arms Corporation
Role: Armoured Recon Vehicle/Light tank
Armaments: 2 triple warhead HE missiles
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47038]
Lore: The result of Eclipse Arms Corporation obtaining unused or wrecked Komodo hulls, the Komodo B is outfitted with a pair of rockets, rather than a cannon, and packs more of a punch than it's original variant, in exchange for requiring more on-board ammunition, as well as the rockets being easier to counter by modern measures.

T-24 Jaeger
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Light Assault Gun
Armaments: 1 1119mm CRAM cannon
NOTE: It's a little buggy, especially thanks to the wheel bug. It likes ramming things and I can't get a decent SPG/tank destroyer AI done, so the placeholder AI just makes it charge straight at the enemy.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47040]
Lore: This tiny SPG is based on the iconic Komodo chassis, and was developed alongside it's light tank variant to provide more firepower in the ranks of the Guardians' ground forces. Capable of destroying conventional armour with ease, the Jaeger's drivers usually employ the tactic of charging headlong at the enemy with guns blazing, a surprisingly efficient tactic considering it's lack of armour, even for a light vehicle.

T-35 Leopard
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Medium Tank
Armaments: 1 200mm Anti Tank gun and 2 Autocannons
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47042]
Lore: The Leopard is a mainstay of the army, due to it's sheer versalitity as well as it's easy maintainence. Moderately well armoured, these tanks can survive a good beating as well as use it's armament to deal heavy damage. These all-round capabilities make it a very versatile tank, capable of taking on many roles.

T-35 Hurricane
Manufacturer: Serpentine Ironworks
Role: Medium Anti-Air
Armaments: 48mm anti-aircraft gun
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47044]
Lore: A leopard chassis modified to fit an anti-air gun, the Hurricane saw extensive production as a support vehicle for tank battalions before newer, larger anti-air vehicles began to replace it. Retaining the leopard's moderate armour, the Hurricane is a menace to light aircraft that dare intrude the desert.

ATG-143 Stag
Manufacturer: Eclipse Arms Corporation
Role: Tank Destroyer
Armaments: 285mm Anti tank gun
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47050]
Lore: A monstrosity made from the husk of an old cargo truck, the Stag mounts one of the largest guns that it's manufacturers could afford, and despite it's enormous size is extremely frail, exploding in a matter of seconds in a close range fight. It's no wonder then, that it usually stays behind the lines, using it's oversized cannon to destroy large chunks of enemy armour.

T-56 Crocodile
Role: Heavy Infantry Tank
Armaments: 293mm cannon and 2 autocannons
[Image: attachment.php?aid=47199]
Lore: Developed as a stopgap to fill a heavy tank role until more suitable vehicles could be built, the Crocodile ended up becoming one of the most successful tanks in the Wasteland Guardians' land-based forces. Resembling an enlarged Komodo chassis, the "Croc" makes use of the pointed nose armour, building off the success of it's smaller cousin, and while very small by heavy tank standards, it is extremely well armoured and armed to the teeth with the most effective gun that could fit on it.

Planned vehicles

F-110 Robin fighter (COMPLETED)
F-120 Sparrowhawk fighter (COMPLETED)
F-162 Comet interceptor (COMPLETED)
F-210 Viper fighter (COMPLETED)
F-324 Smaug fighter (COMPLETED)
A-121 Kingfisher light attacker/fighter (COMPLETED)
A-140 Hornet attacker [COMPLETED]
A-119 Lynx attacker (COMPLETED)
A-167 Antaeus attacker
B-44 Hammerhead light bomber (COMPLETED)
B-60 Tiger medium bomber
B-63 Dragonfly torpedo bomber
B-88 Polaris heavy bomber (COMPLETED)

T-23 Komodo light tank (COMPLETED}
T-23 Komodo B light tank (COMPLETED)
T-24 Jaeger assault gun (COMPLETED
T-25 Armadillo APC (COMPLETED)
T-35 Leopard medium tank (COMPLETED)
T-35 Hurricane AA (COMPLETED)
T-41 Panther medium tank (COMPLETED)
T-41 Gorgon assault gun (COMPLETED)
T-41 Hailstorm AA (COMPLETED)
T-56 Crocodile heavy tank (COMPLETED)
R-11 Challenger armoured car
R-21 AA truck (COMPLETED)
R-92 Beast Medium Tank (COMPLETED)
R-63 Strongarm Heavy Artillery Tank
R-77 Titan Heavy Tank
ATG-151 Rhino Tank destroyer (COMPLETED)
ATG-100 Elephant Rocket Artillery
ATG-143 Stag Tank destroyer (COMPLETED)

Renegade-class frigate (COMPLETED)
Renegade II-class frigate
Valiant-class gunboat (COMPLETED)
Crusader-class gunboat
Triton-class destroyer
Riptide-class torpedo destroyer
Canis-class heavy cruiser (COMPLETED)

Manufacturer descriptions

Serpentine Ironworks is a perfect example of the effects of the Guardians' isolated residence. Still making vehicles that look at least 50 years old and very outdated, this manufacturer is still going strong, using modern technology and materials in designs that resemble the war machines of old, providing reliable combat vehicles for the Guardians since the very beginning. With their new "Aerotorpedo" innovations, they have almost single-handedly built the foundations of an airforce for the Guardians, and are still producing new designs to this day.

A relic of the scavenging, nomadic past of the Wasteland Guardians, Eclipse Arms Corporation is far wealthier than their products indicate. Made from wrecks, or modified from unused prototypes, these often experimental designs are far more modern than most conventional vehicles used by the Guardians, and bear very little similarity to their original, wrecked state. Despite making ramshackle-looking vehicles from scrap, they have earned a reputation for the immense power of their products, and when they join forces with Serpentine Ironworks, something truly terrifying will be created.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint   CustomFaction_Kingfisher.blueprint (Size: 48.42 KB / Downloads: 38)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Komodo.blueprint (Size: 48.02 KB / Downloads: 40)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Komodo B.blueprint (Size: 46.2 KB / Downloads: 45)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Jaeger.blueprint (Size: 46.14 KB / Downloads: 50)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Leopard.blueprint (Size: 54.22 KB / Downloads: 49)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Hurricane.blueprint (Size: 61.18 KB / Downloads: 51)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Stag.blueprint (Size: 60.75 KB / Downloads: 39)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Smaug.blueprint (Size: 58.37 KB / Downloads: 34)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Lynx.blueprint (Size: 72.06 KB / Downloads: 36)
.blueprint   CustomFaction_Crocodile.blueprint (Size: 60.54 KB / Downloads: 42)
My BP thread!
How to win neter. Step 1: Get that godly battleship to spawn inside a mountain. Step 2: Steal it.
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